The Sadness of time taking the souls we’ve known

We will all meet more people in life than we can count or even remember. Along our paths we have met those we hold close to our hearts and those whose brief encounter was only a mere pause in our journey. Regardless of the significance or the duration each and every encounter has taken a part of our soul and created who we are. Some have been forgotten until some small insignificant thing sparks up a memory that leaves us struggling to remember a name and others have filled up so much of our memories we cannot forget and will always feel as if they will always be beside us.


The sadness is found when time takes away these souls we have crossed paths with and as we walk closer to the end of our journey time takes more and more of those souls. The sadness is felt when you see a name in print celebrating the life of an old friend you split paths with or even a person you once knew from a common point in life whether it be school, work, church, or meeting at the same coffee stop. This sadness is created because deep inside you wish you had said more, or even said less. You wish you would’ve been a little kinder and considerate, or even taken the time to care.

The sadness is born when you realize that when you met someone a few times and talked for hours and had so much in common as friends that you found it difficult to learn that it was only those few moments that you were allowed to share. When time comes calling it doesn’t care if you had anything more to add to the conversation, it doesn’t care if you wanted to give the little trinkets you had once discussed and laughed about. It doesn’t care if your ready to let go, and it certainly doesn’t care if you had a chance to say goodbye.

We are foolish to think that every one of us will share this world together until the end. It is a sad fact that each of us will go when time comes for us. This is why we must learn to be sincere even in the briefest encounters and learn not to take for granted the time we have with those who are dear to us. We must learn to say what we have to say and remember that there may not be a better time to say it.

When time comes you can not chase it down and tell that soul that they was a good person and you were glad you had a chance to meet them and talk to them even if only for a few times. You certainly can’t make time go back to try to change the outcome and time will not allow you to know if they will ever hear your goodbyes.

Cherish the good souls you meet in life and embrace their company while you are able.