Acceptable Strength

I feel that men in my generation, as well as those before us, had been conditioned by society itself to become strong and able and set aside any emotions. We are masters concealing our sensitive feelings with more “acceptable” manly feelings such as frustration and anger. We hold all the painful feelings deep within our soul until there is no room for anymore. When something happens that is so painful and something that we just can’t control or know how to process the flood gates explode and our emotions hit us hard all at once. We try with all our might to be strong but all that does is ad d fuel to the fire that is burning deep inside us. Some of us may seem unreasonable, some may seem extremely quiet or pissed off. It is hard to say what we will do, and at times we may seem and say that we are fine but make no mistake we are in pain and crying harder on the inside. We must find that moment to let our shields down and unload all those feelings without prejudice. The pain may never go away but by emptying out vault we can regain the strength to carry on. Don’t leave us alone, just back away and wait for us to fall, we will need your help to get back up.