Dream Chasers

The definition of success is the damn god forsaken endless hours of hard work you devote to living the dream and by reaching such level keeps you head just above the waters of loss and being as such keeps your status as not being known as a loser in all eyes especially your own. The act of living the dream is giving up almost everything in hopes to reach success and in the means of separating yourself from those around you, you’ve definitely given all you once had. The reality of it all is that some dreams are ongoing nightmares that may never be meant to have been reached. And some of us dream chasers were never meant to succeed and therefore we living the dream have loss and will risk everything for the status of that loss.

You have a dream that you hope will make the quality the lives of many around you better. That dream requires you to make a leap and this you reluctantly do. You now find yourself free-falling through the debris of chaos and you have no parachute or life line to support you as you come to that fearful realization that it there is only the jagged rocks and burning screams of hell below.