Little “Q”uestions

Two young parents will start this day a journey that will last them well beyond a lifetime. They will be scared at times because there is no preparation for what life will throw at them. It will be difficult and at times they will certainly question their faith and whether they are doing it right. I will say this, there is more joy than there ever will be tears and there is no way to know whether you are doing it right until that child grows up and even then you will be left wondering. All the both of you need to remember is that this beautiful little baby boy is the best of both of you and what he needs is to be loved and cared for the rest will just fall into place.


Always remember that it is the little things that are important.

A man without children is just a man. A man who has a child is just a father. Children depend on both their mothers and their fathers. A man who puts his children before his own needs and cares for them, teaches them, provides for them, and shares the little things in life that matters with them is a DAD. Dads are so very important to children just as baby girls and sons are so very important to dads. Each of you have the power to change each other’s life forever. As a father you helped bring a baby into this world and you have a choice to actively participate in this baby’s life. Chose to be there now and enjoy this little miracle because in 15 to 18 years he will be off and running on his own and you will watch him from the sidelines. There is no greater gift than that of a child. This is no longer about you, you can no longer say “my life” you MUST start thinking about “your lives”.