Untitled Darkness

It is my opinion that a meaningful life is defined by your own perception, but it is also the means of your function in society. I feel that there people who work for what they need, contribute their part in society, and show some type of responsibility to themselves, their family and society itself. This number is much greater than those who sit by and expect everything to be given to them and that they are entitled.

untitled darkness

These irresponsible individuals steal, cheat, abandon, lie, and eventually hurt everyone around them even those who walk the same line as them. They push themselves so far away from the expectations of society that they favor the darkness of the shadows and prey on the kind-hearted. These outcast are so blinded by their demons that they don’t realize that they have fallen so far. They are tricked into believing that all the pain and darkness around them is cause by everyone who loved them and tried to care for them  rather than their own doing.

Their poor ability to fight off their bad influences that prevent them from seeing that if they just stand up tall and show some sort of respect for themselves they will be able to take the steps out of those shadows where the rest of society is waiting to help them. At that point they will realize that with a sound mind they will be able to see the joys they have been searching for. This number of entitled individuals is much smaller than those who are truly enjoying a meaningful life.

These entitled individuals need to stop hating everyone else for living responsible lives and they need to understand they are only a few steps and a few clean days away from standing up in their intended place in this world. I say this, it is dark down there in those shadows and it is so full of sorrow that all those who care about you can feel the pain. Stand up and let someone who loves you help you walk out of the darkness.