Not Alone

There are times where we all feel as if we are all by ourselves. We know there is family, friends, and others around to be with us and to help us but that does not remove the feeling of being alone. The feeling that no one understands, no one else has been through this pain, no one feels my pain. We seem to become tricked into convincing our inner soul that we must suffer this burden singlehandedly. We are either too proud or to ashamed to ask for help.

Certainly we could seek professional help, I did that once and the “counselor” explained to me that she was only trying to “pre-screen” each request for mental support to make certain there is a valid claim. Her prognosis was that I needed to talk to a professional and referred me to some qualified shrinks who would charge me a hefty hourly rate to listen to my lifetime of problems. There will be a lot of hours needed for me to get to the point.

Well, being a guy, who took time off work to talk to someone whom I was led to believe was there to give me advice concerning how to deal with my issues, I gave up my one shot of humility and was not going to go through that all over again. It is more painful to hold it deep within my soul but so much easier and less frustrating.

I was listening to a woman sing at church, she had also spoke a few weeks before. I am at that seeking stage regarding life and faith. She seem to choose songs that made a connection, not that she specifically chose these songs for me. It amazed me how her story through her testimony and songs touched me. It was a divine act that her expression of the burdens on her soul through her singing and her testimony made it so she shared the tears of others and more so that she wasn’t alone and neither was I.