Swiss Cheese

swiss_cheese.jpgThere is something about Swiss cheese I just don’t like.  This may seem strange and out-of-place but just wait.

Swiss cheese is not your ordinary cheese and it has holes all through it in random places. These holes are caused by pockets of warm filled air bursting out leaving an empty hole behind. There is no flavor in these holes and because I don’t really like this cheese I tend to believe the best flavor of this cheese certainly had to have left with the air pockets. Some people can handle Swiss cheese better than others, some just hide it deep in the fridge where it is out of reach yet reminds them that they need to take care of it.

In the next few days I will be recalling on several people who filled my heart with warm feelings whom have passed on leaving gaping holes in my heart. Holes of emptiness and sorrow. I think of these loved ones quite often and realize that the grieving process never really ends nor do love ones have to pass to cause this grief.

I don’t like the holes in my heart and they can not be filled with anything else. This grief is like Swiss cheese to me. Filled with empty holes, foul tasting, and stored deep away out of reach just to remind me that it needs to be dealt with.