fluffyThere’s this little fluffy puppy for sale in the area, the picture shows its big innocent eyes and that doggy smile. It has some “fluffy” name and is one of those fancy interbred little dog breed that sounds like a sneeze. Some one will fall so much in love with this picture and pay whatever the seller wants just to be able to take it home and hug it and squeeze it and call it some other “fluffy” name. This may be the best thing for this cute little slipper style dog.

If your are not into the little pocket-book dogs, this seller just so happens to sell big mean looking guard dogs too, same price! … Go figure? I am sure this dog loving breeder takes very good care of these dogs and shows them enough love and attention. I am sure the little dogs get plenty of exercise in the little pin they all share, just like I am sure the big burley dogs are getting stronger every time they try to yank that chain stake out of the ground. I am sure that these chained dogs always get fed and have enough shelter and water, and the water and food are never ever placed just out of reach. Continue reading


On Earth as it is …

Faith leads us to believe that one day we will all meet again in Heaven. This belief helps us cope with both the loss of loved ones and the uncertainty of life itself. Many of the images portrayed of this life after life reveal a “pearly gate” up in the clouds. When that time comes and we cross over we will say goodbye to all the worldly things on this earth. I say that is unfair.

Look around throughout your travels and see all the things we have here on earth. All the sun sets, trees, mountains, and streams. Look at all the flowers, birds, chipmunks, and squirrels. Think about all you enjoy now and ask why we will have to leave them all behind. This Heaven they say we will all live everlasting, will it not have football and race cars? Will there no longer be time to go for a bike ride or go fishing? After dreaming all my life for a 1967 Pontiac GTO are they going to lead me to believe if I don’t get one in this life I will never ever have one? Continue reading

Inside Out

Who am I is who I let people see.

Who knows me is my choice.

My reputations is caused by the things I chose to do.

How people think of me is because I chose not to change the way they perceive me.

I am who I am and you all will see who I want you to see.

There is this battle raging within where a part of me fights to keep all my feelings and emotions locked away where they cannot do me or anyone else any harm. There is also a part that makes me feel stronger and tougher so I have some courage to make it through the day. A part that most people will never see is the one that cries deep inside because of all the pain the rest of me creates. To add to all the chaos, there are constant arguments that no one else can hear from the parts of my soul that are trying to tear me apart. Continue reading

The Sense of Friends

“Friends” …

As children we wanted them so much we told all would listen when we found them.

As we grew older we vowed that nothing could ever part us.

As we look back we wished that they were still here.

Recently, a new friend taught me a different view on the people we meet. She revealed to me a belief that some of us have met before when our souls were preparing for our journey through earth.

Bear with me…I certainly had a few words in mind that shouldn’t be said and the music from the Twilight Zone began haunting my mind. What she was talking about really wasn’t all that far-fetched, certainly not something I could argue against. There are many discussions, some from scholars, discussing the potential for some type of pre-life or past life. Continue reading

“The act of sending one who is to witness”

There is this memory of some scruffy college professor rolling through the dirt and avoiding snakes, booby traps, and bullets. Often this hero is chasing after some relic and becomes tangled with some type of missionary. Now as much as I would like to continue creating fictitious exaggeration of people trying to save something from being in the “wrong hands” especially being the purpose of keeping something from the wrong hands in itself can be debated, this little rant is actually about something else. What is on my mind is the “act of sending” someone to “witness across cultures.”

I personally tend to place the term missionaries with those nuns-like people who live among some third world tribe and teaches them how to pray in English. These missionaries also set up schools and medical services. They teach them how to grow crops and help them build housing. If you look at the entire benefit these individuals provide to this under developed tribe, a very small portion has to do with religious scriptures. In reality, the Christian belief is being taught through the act of kindness. If you take some of the most recent religious factions that are in the news, such as the Islamic moments spreading across the east or even the strong opinions of some churches right here in the United States, their actions speak much louder than the words they should be preaching. Rather than show the goodness of the gospel they claim religious wars and protest on the basis of their own earthly beliefs and misinterpretations. Continue reading

Pain is a State of Mind

I remember the first time I cut myself without knowing it. I don’t really recall what I was doing but I remember that when I saw the blood there was a quiet pause in life as things needed to register. It was amazing to think now how that cut did not hurt at first but then when my brain finally calculated the situation the pain hit me with full force. Another example of this happened a few years later when my cousins and I were playing in a hay barn and I jumped from the loft onto a pile of hay. I felt something pierce my foot and I looked and saw the pitch fork sticking through the top of my foot. There wasn’t a lot of blood but obviously something wasn’t right. After the fork was pulled away from my foot I certainly felt the stinging pain and it was there for many days until the wound healed.

This has happened many times throughout my life, especially with the type of work and hobbies I have. I also feel that by recognizing that sometimes the pain you feel when you are hurt takes time to register in your brain has helped me in many different situations. At work I will cut my hands and finish doing what needed to be finished and then tend to the cut. “I’m ok” , “its fine”, “pain is merely a state of mind”. Continue reading

The Howling

In the distant wind travels the sorrow howling of a poor soul left out to guard the darkness. His world is limited to that in which is controlled by the massive links of chain that extend from the shameful blundering weekend project once dreamed up and never completed by drunken fools. The hunger masks the taste of any bits thrown his way and the cool has creeped so deep into his bones that even on warm summer nights he shivers and shakes.

He is a “good damn dog”, he has been trained extremely well to endure such conditions. “This will only make him stronger” these drunken idiots will boast as they fail to contain the air in their gutless bellies that clearly have grown to become the better half of them.
All is not loss though, there is moments to reward those who do the job they are tasked with. He must bark at only those who are not from around these parts and he must do such in a way as to make him look viscous and blood thirsty. Whimpering and cuteness will only get him tossed to the back of the line and possibly sent off to “Cousin Henry” for retraining. Continue reading