No Place Like Home

There is this little warm and fuzzy feeling when you drive by little unknown landmarks you have created throughout life such as that old tree that survived the flood and was badly injured by the ice storm and was nearly knocked down by a drunken fool. When you’ve been away for half a year or more these little landmarks and warm fuzzy feelings let you know that you are home.

Think about the simplest things like sitting in you back yard or just laying on you own couch. These little quirks of life may seem a bit silly to care about; however, after so many months without them they are so much more welcoming. Whenever you are away from home for any period of time you begin to take notice of little changes and certain memories you have created throughout life regardless on how big or small they are. “I broke that window with my first home run,” “I took a bad fall off my skateboard there trying to do a stupid trick I saw on TV, got a bunch of stitches and a bum knee out of it, it still bothers me when it rains,” “I kissed my wife in that field,” “my father is buried over just around that bend,” “both my children were born there,” “that was my very first home and where my family grew up.” These things seem to mean more when you leave and return, some more than others.  Some seem to mean more to you now than they did then.

Now there is a heavy feeling in my heart that makes it difficult to hit the road. This sadness will follow me the entire trip and then some. Work must be done and work is calling. This heavy feeling makes this journey long and tiring and it lets me know down deep in side that there is no place like home.