Post a tweet snap crazy man talking to no one.

I remember going to Boston one summer back in high school with a bunch of friends. We walked buy a homeless guy who was arguing with himself, boy was he crazy!!!

Crazy people talk to themselves and hear voices in their head. We as a society when we see these people carry on like they do we know they have lost their mind. In fact, when we so-called “sane” people get caught talking to ourselves it can be embarrassing because we know how it makes us look.

Society has taught us how to spot the insane ones and we have learned to let them be when we see them yelling at their ghost.

This mental illness has significantly increased over the past dozen years to the point of an epidemic. As you travel throughout you normal routine just try to pay attention to all those who are talking to people who cannot be seen. Or those people who look at you and say something, yet when you imply that you don’t understand they point to their head directing you to the source of their conversation.

You will see them, they are all around us and now we don’t need to hear them to know they are fricken nuts. We as a society have evolved and now have a telltale to identify these crazy people. Look at their ears, these crazy fools walk around with these specially modified hearing aids that connect to a wireless monitoring device.

We have become so I tune to our wireless devices that we have all become a little more nuts and lost not only our touch with reality but also our ability to socialize. It’s ironic how technology has advanced to help us communicate and these social networks help us stay in touch with friends. We are so consumed that we can’t see the people around us and there is no need for small talk or pleasant greetings when it’s easier just to tweet, post, like, share, snap, or chat.

We have become rude and socially irresponsible. We have focused so much on the voices in our heads that essentially we have all become a little more crazy.