Poor Souls

We are led to believe that as a child we are filled with innocence and being such a baby is the most purist soul of us all. That little fragile child has the softest skin and the most caring eyes and it is all because it is a gift from God himself.

As we travel aimlessly through life we are faced with many temptations and challenges. We are tested and retested by forces beyond our sights or senses. This world we live in is full of confusion and misdirection, and our goal is to be able to escape it in one piece.

There is no question in my mind that we have souls deep within us. I refuse to believe that our thoughts and reasoning is merely some chemical reaction locked up in our heads. I refuse to believe that our memories and feelings are only impulses from our brains rather than warm fuzzy sensations from our hearts. These thoughts, reasoning, feelings, and memories must be the inner being deep within our “heart” that will pass throughout this world and carry us to whatever it is waiting for us in the next.

With each temptation, test, challenge, and influence our souls become infested with ether good or evil. We are led to believe that the force of good and evil are battling to occupy our souls in hopes to claim it for themselves in the end. It is difficult to believe that with each transgression we fall for that a piece of our soul isn’t damaged by it.  Can merely asking for forgiveness erase the bruises we have on our souls?

Forgive and forget, or is it that it can be forgiven but never forgotten. There are some things that have been forgiven and punishments have been served yet the memories of those deeds continue to haunt. These memories are certainly part of my soul and have left scars that will not fade. As life continue to mark up my soul with cuts, scrapes, and bruises my soul will become in a sense handicapped because it will not be as flawless as others.

Some will say that this all is not true and that by repenting and asking for forgiveness will cleanse my soul. The blessing of a pool of water and using it to drown out the evils lurking deep within me will save my soul and make it new again. I understand the symbolic reasoning however, the pain from these scars will not wash away. If such baptism was so powerful why give the last rites at one’s death, why not just drown them in holy water so all of us will can be cleansed?

I don’t know how the transition from this life to the next will take place, and maybe I need serious help dealing with these inner feelings. However, it may just be possible that as you walk though those “Pearly Gates” down the “Streets of Gold” you may just see damaged souls pan handling and your thoughts will surely be “those poor souls”.