The Sense of Friends

“Friends” …

As children we wanted them so much we told all would listen when we found them.

As we grew older we vowed that nothing could ever part us.

As we look back we wished that they were still here.

Recently, a new friend taught me a different view on the people we meet. She revealed to me a belief that some of us have met before when our souls were preparing for our journey through earth.

Bear with me…I certainly had a few words in mind that shouldn’t be said and the music from the Twilight Zone began haunting my mind. What she was talking about really wasn’t all that far-fetched, certainly not something I could argue against. There are many discussions, some from scholars, discussing the potential for some type of pre-life or past life.

Seriously think about the times in your life were you just had a uncanning connection with someone or met a stranger whom you felt you already know. Some squint out there would try to explain that some chemical synapse in your brain was playing tricks on you, yet even all the lab coats and degrees can’t truly make sense of it. The key word here is “sense” … We just sense these things as if it was a memory stored deep within our soul, and if you are reading this down to this point you believe we have a soul.

We have strong feelings for loved ones, especially family and a sense that “blood is thicker than water”. Maybe this is a tribal cry passed down from the monkeys or maybe, just maybe we always were connected with them and always will.

Do I think there is a “circle” time in the pre-life where our souls held hands and sang Kumbaya? Probably not but who knows, most of us have a fascination for bonfires and s’mores. I do feel that my soul holds all my thoughts, emotions, and memories and I believe that this soul of mine will travel with me to what ever is beyond this world. I also know that I have had loved ones, friends, acquaintances, and those whom I have felt as if I have known forever. Sometimes you meet one of these souls and spend a lifetime with them, other times you only spend a small portion of life with them. Then there are those moments where you connect only while passing and you both sense this strange feeling and then continue on with your way.

“Friends” …

They are the ones you choose to stand by with.

They are those whom fill you heart with warm feelings of comfort and smiles.

They are the ones you let your guard down and share feelings no one else will know.

We need them so much and never want to wish they were still here, but now maybe, just maybe … they were already there and even through short moments in our busy lives we meet them again. Maybe this sense of deja vu is our souls are checking in on each other and reminding us that even though our time is limited in this life they’ll be there in the next.