fluffyThere’s this little fluffy puppy for sale in the area, the picture shows its big innocent eyes and that doggy smile. It has some “fluffy” name and is one of those fancy interbred little dog breed that sounds like a sneeze. Some one will fall so much in love with this picture and pay whatever the seller wants just to be able to take it home and hug it and squeeze it and call it some other “fluffy” name. This may be the best thing for this cute little slipper style dog.

If your are not into the little pocket-book dogs, this seller just so happens to sell big mean looking guard dogs too, same price! … Go figure? I am sure this dog loving breeder takes very good care of these dogs and shows them enough love and attention. I am sure the little dogs get plenty of exercise in the little pin they all share, just like I am sure the big burley dogs are getting stronger every time they try to yank that chain stake out of the ground. I am sure that these chained dogs always get fed and have enough shelter and water, and the water and food are never ever placed just out of reach.

These will be good dogs, they may never trust humans again or be able to sleep through the night without night terrors. Yep! dogs get night terrors. Many dogs who have been rescued either from a shelter or an abuser will show you how much they appreciate what you do for them, maybe because they have seen worse. Rescue dogs are some of the best dogs to have.

It is interesting to think about how this little fluffy dog originated from the ancient blood lines of Wolves. Now as “fluffy” as a wolf seems to appear, they don’t like to be hugged or squeezed. In fact they are a well oiled pack hunting machine. I remember an old saying that if you see one wolf there many more surrounding you. I recalled this saying one snowy day in November and it gave me chills beyond the cold.

It was early in the morning the weekend before Thanksgiving and I was a few miles out in the deep woods near the Canadian border in Vermont. There is nothing better than hunting with fresh snow fall so I was pleased with the forecast of this particular morning. The snow makes your steps quiet and it shows all the most recent tracks. It snowed, it snowed more than 3-4 inches that morning.

I headed out just before 6am and started walking to one of my favorite spots in the woods. This spot was a tree that had once grown around a fallen tree so it had a “seat” built into the trunk of it. When you arrive at your spot it is more than quiet because all of the life out there know you are there and that you are armed. As time passes and you sit quiet enough the wildlife begin to venture out of their hiding spots and you get to witness first hand the social environment out in the woods. I sat there for more than three hours and I was covered with a few inches of snow and I was getting cold. I opened my thermos and drank a few cups of hot coffee to warm up my core a little. Sometimes when hunting in the northern states a good thermos is much more valuable than a gun.

As I sat there I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye and it was a couple of wolves moving towards me. I know they knew I was there, they were less than 200 yards away and I just opened my coffee. They began to split paths and that was the point at which I was not participating in nature any further. These were some of the biggest wild dogs I have ever seen, much bigger than coyotes and much bigger than my German Shepard. I saw two, how many others were surrounding me. I shot off one round into a tree stump near them and they ran off into the snow-covered underbrush.

I packed up and quickly made it back to my truck, I doubt I would ever see any deer considering I saw what else was hunting that morning. As I drove back to the house I couldn’t help but wonder how far the line was stretched between these wolves and my beloved German Shepard. I know that my old dog is much more loveable than those wolves would ever be. This thought of wolves was intensified years later when I saw a movie about people stranded in the woods after a plan crash. I can pretty much say that I love my domesticated dogs but I will never ever want to hug a wolf.

Domesticated, “to live in close association with human beings as a pet or work animal and usually creating a dependency”. It amazes me that if you think about all the pets people have, it is the dog who really is the only one who chose to become a part of our lives. They certainly could live in the wild, look at the wild dogs in Africa. These kind animals chose to be domesticated and to become loyal to us. At times it certainly would seem that they would have had a better life if they were to stay wild.

Of all the kindness, compassion, and love these animals give us there are still too many dogs going hungry, being over-bred, chained down or penned in, and left out in the elements. They are kicked and beaten, they are forced to fight for their food and their lives. There are so many of these animals who never get to chase after a little green ball or go swimming after ducks in the pond. There are so many who don’t know what it feels like to be patted or hugged, or even what it feels like to ride in a truck with their head stuck out the window. There are so many of these poor dogs who do not realize that there is more food and plenty of water.

There is nothing that burns me up inside like seeing an owner bitch and kick at a dog and watch that dog cowering down as the owner approaches it, yet once the owner changes his voice and says “she’s a good damn dog, needs a good whipping but a good damn dog” this dog sits up and shows this son of a bitch affection as he pats her on the head. Really burns me up that these animals can be abused and still wish to show compassion.

These are no longer wild Wolves hunting in packs bringing forth the fear seen on the big screen. These dogs have chosen to be loyal to us humans, and even though they are not human they are certainly not just animals. They are very much apart of the family and that is where they want to be, not chained out in the dark, not lock up in a pen, and certainly not left out in a frigid camper during the subzero temperatures. They can be the best companions for most of us and yet there is so much animal cruelty across this entire nation and not enough is being done about it.

You find a picture of that fluffy little dog with the big brown eyes and the goofy doggy smile and you think about it the next time you see a dog starving, or chained to a tree. You think about all the “fluffy” names some little girl is going to give this little fluffy dog in that picture you find the next time you hear some abuser holler profanity at his animals.

Is there any less cold for a dog than if you were left chained to a stake in the ground?

Is there any less sorrow for a dog by locking him up in a cage than would be for us?

Is there any less pain when a dog starves to death than that of a human?

There is no need to become a vigilante and go into the hell these dogs are chained to. Just be vigilant enough to call for help.

Look into the eyes of these poor abused dogs and you can see the sorrow, you can hear their cries for help, you can see them begging for you to do something more. There are laws to protect these dogs but someone has to make the call. These laws alone are not enough, we as a society need to put an end to this cruelty.

Dog …Man’s best friend … regardless.

Dog … Family.