On Earth as it is …

Faith leads us to believe that one day we will all meet again in Heaven. This belief helps us cope with both the loss of loved ones and the uncertainty of life itself. Many of the images portrayed of this life after life reveal a “pearly gate” up in the clouds. When that time comes and we cross over we will say goodbye to all the worldly things on this earth. I say that is unfair.

Look around throughout your travels and see all the things we have here on earth. All the sun sets, trees, mountains, and streams. Look at all the flowers, birds, chipmunks, and squirrels. Think about all you enjoy now and ask why we will have to leave them all behind. This Heaven they say we will all live everlasting, will it not have football and race cars? Will there no longer be time to go for a bike ride or go fishing? After dreaming all my life for a 1967 Pontiac GTO are they going to lead me to believe if I don’t get one in this life I will never ever have one?

Personally I feel that this Heaven should include all the beauty and beloved things and activities we have already. This Heaven should just filter out all the sorrow, evil, crime, drugs, and heartbreak. This heaven should have rainy days so we can dance in it and listen to “rain drops falling on my head”. This heaven should have snow and lighting storms so that we all can see the beauty of the seasons and fireworks in the clouds. There are so many things that awe us here on earth that will be lost if the this belief of leaving all worldly things is true.

There are so many different things in life the people find peace in, and so many different things individual people enjoy doing. From simple things like mowing the lawn and planting flowers or a garden to sailing in the lake or ocean or doing barrel rolls in an air plane built at home. There is tranquility here on earth and for many of us we work hard so we can hope to have the ability to part take in our favorite past times. Imagine always having time to play golf or go fishing, imagine being able to keep the ball on the fairway or never losing a lure.

Think about all the artistic things both God himself and we mortal souls have created. From skyscapes to all the writings and paintings we sometimes don’t have time to enjoy. From art shows to car shows, fashion shows to dog and horse shows, there are many things we just enjoy looking at and participation in that should be something we can spend more than a life time enjoying. Just think about your life and all you love to do, and think about all that is in this world that makes it difficult to enjoy it. They say we can’t keep all the material things in life, but it was God who put the good things here on earth or gave us the ability and imagination to create them.

Let’s hope that Heaven isn’t just playing the harp on a fluffy white cloud dressed in a sheet. Lets hope that we can keep all the good things here on earth and throw away all the bad things. Just imagine no more sickness, no more deaths, no more crying, and no more politicians or drug dealers. Imagine not having any locks for any windows or doors. Imagine being able to let your children run out and play without ever having any fear that harm will come to them, they will not get hurt, they will not be taken, they will just be able to be kids.

Heaven to me is living a peaceful life and working without worrying about debt or paying bills. It is driving my ’67 GTO without ever having to pay for gas. Heaven is living life but never wishing life had more to live for. Heaven will be the place were we will be able to enjoy living life.


One thought on “On Earth as it is …

  1. We were created to live forever here on earth. Things went wrong when the first pair were disloyal to their Creator. But, take heart because the original plan will be fulfilled here on earth. Why would the resurrected ones live on earth and not in heaven? Because the earth will remain for all time. The Scriptures tell the truth. Not one word has failed to come to fruition.


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