Just Thinking out Loud

What are you thinking? Are you even thinking of anything? Sure you are, or you must be by now, but are they your thoughts or is something else controlling them? If I were to say something like …Ice Cream… or even Ice Cream Sandwich …or better yet Ice Cream Sunday would that change your mind? No? What if I added something like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cookies and cream, mint chocolate chip, or even peppermint stick? What about vanilla ice cream with hot fudge sauce and whip cream? … and a cherry on top? Think about this and I will go find a bowl. … and a spoon, … SPRINKLES!!!

I’m not going to keep talking about Ice Cream so you will just have to get past it and think about something else. Certainly it was on your mind at least a little bit, or maybe you have a spoon in your hand right now. But seriously, I woke up this morning with this thought in my head that led to other thoughts which led to this discussion of whether or not our thoughts were actually ours. I mean, are all the thoughts manifested by our mind ours or can they be manipulated by other means. For instance, I wanted to sleep this morning, but my alarm clock kept going off and because of that I changed my thought from sleep to I need to get up. Certainly I was ultimately in control of that alarm, but it was the alarm that made me think of getting out of bed and getting ready for work. Continue reading


When you are led to water you must believe you are thirsty

You Can Lead A Horse to Water, But You Can Not Make Him Drink

Essentially, that is the way it should be because if that horse would just drink because you wanted him to what purpose would it be; he is not a storage container for water. The purpose of drinking when thirsty is to satisfy a need not to needlessly satisfy someone who is leading you and their wants. It is one thing to follow and another to be led astray, certainly even the follower must be able to decide that he or she is being led in the right direction. Even the horse must be able to choose, if not that horse could be led into the darkness of that water and thirst no more. Continue reading

Beyond the Horizon

Standing in that field with the tall grass waving with the wind and along the edge wild flowers draw a line to the horizon. The wind moves the grass in such a hypnotic way it becomes soothing. But how far can you see, can you see through the grass into the flowers? Can you see past the flowers into the horizon? How far can you see? How far should we be able to see? Are there just some things that are meant to be left out of our sight? Why can others see beyond those flowers and I am blind to it no matter how hard I believe?

 Walking down the busy sidewalk in the city are we completely alone? Surely there are others walking among us with some direction in mind, some of them we can see some we do not even know they are there. The nature of life in the city creates a social environment whereas you are blinded by basically everything ever one else is doing around you. The concrete, mortar, steel, and glass forces you to create a tunnel within your vision that limits your view to only that which directly benefits you. You cannot see those walking with you, you cannot see those walking against you. You don’t notice those standing with you in line at the coffee shop, or at the newspaper stand, or waiting with you at the street crossing. Basically in your memory you are all alone because you closed everyone else out. Continue reading

The Change of Greatness

We want to believe everything they promise and hope that the world will change the way they say it will. They somehow are in tuned with all of our hardships and trials and they act as if they want to listen to our concerns. They seem genuine and honest, they even make us feel like they understand and can relate.  They are always going to make a change and always going to make things great again. If only they had to run for re-election more often. As much as I hate the negativity and the empty promises, the campaign funding and volunteers calling me on the weekends. Maybe if they knew we had control more often maybe they would be less likely to forget the lies they told to earn our vote in the first place. That’s the other thing, give us control and make our votes count not some electorate who doesn’t have to follow the popular vote cast by We The People. Continue reading

Falling Asleep

Do you know that dream that creates the feeling as if you are falling backwards down a dark hole or elevator shaft? You can see the light on the surface but you keep falling further into the darkness with such force as if someone is dragging you into the abyss. The fall start out with the noises of life muffled and as you open your eyes and your instinct recognizes the danger you are in, you feel as if you almost had time to reach out and grab and hold on to something in the world above. The next few seconds you scream for all your might but no one is there to hear your cries. Continue reading

Racking up

What is on my mind cannot be explained at this moment for I cannot seem to pull the words out my thoughts. I sit here on this stool surrounded by this chaos as I have time and time before, yet rather than deciphering what is weighing on my mind all I have is chaos. All I can say is that there is a bit of sadness lingering and it is very much like the feeling you can get when you are trying to remember a word or name but all you can grasp is blanks. I could just ramble on about more Pokémon or innocent babies, or even how both my faith and my patience are tested on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. I feel that although such issues would put words in place of this white screen it would just be as empty as the thought I am trying to retrieve. For now I will just sit here within this madness and try to let the chaos pull apart my mind. Continue reading

Defining the Hike

There is this drive some of us have to keep moving, or this need to achieve a set goal. This drive pushes us further and harder even if it is only to take one more step. When hiking with my kids I would tell them that you never stop in the middle of a climb and that they needed to look up at each section of the hike and try to find all the spots where the trail leveled out. Those level spots were resting areas and as thus created little goals to push for, and sometimes it really took some pushing. I suppose for some of us hiking is to see all the little things along the trail and for others it is to see what is on top of that mountain and to know we could reach it. Continue reading