Let Freedom Ring

July 4th … Independence Day.

The day that marks our declaration that this country would no longer be bullied by the British Empire, and this New Nation would separate from the tyranny imposed by the Crown.  There is not one of us out there who fought in the Revolutionary War, also known as the War of Independence, some of us have ancestors who did. We can not honestly say that we know how important that war was for those who fought and died because of it. Many of us would not be able to understand how the lives we live know could be different if those Americans had not stood up and pushed back against the giants.

Today the 4th of July means back yard barbeques, parades, red white and blue everything, and most of all Fireworks, explosions, and sparklers. “Happy 4th of July!” is the greeting revealing how far we have come from the true meaning of this day. We may not have any direct connection with the soldiers or their families who fought for our freedom, but it was our Freedom they fought for. Just imagine that thirteen States, or colonies at that time, stood up against Great Britain and the Royal Crown to make it so that the people of what was to be known as the United States of America would become a Free Nation.

This 4th of July holiday commemorates the day this nation became Independent and vowed to keep its people free. There is a sense of American Pride that is had to know that this freedom is ours and since this Declaration of Independence our soldiers have fought every time this freedom was threatened. It was this stand that we made that gave proof that we the United States of America would stand strong and that we were the force to be reckoned with.

There is a lot of negativity regarding our Government and whether or not they are doing what’s right for this nation and us as Americans. You are allowed to feel that way, in fact if you are truly unsatisfied with the way the government works you can vote for a new one, or if you are ambitious enough you can try to run and do it yourself. Why? Why can we do all of these things? Because of the 4th of July and Independence Day! We have that freedom and that right.

Happy Independence day! Think about your family you are spending time with, think about all the things you can do and for this day leave all the things you want to do but can’t set aside. Think about all the other countries who know that this is the day we celebrate our independence and they become inspired but can not act because they are not strong enough to become free.

Let Freedom Ring throughout this Nation on this Independence Day for we Are Americans and We Are One Nation Under God!