Deja Jinks

My question is “what is going on!” A few weeks ago I had a Deja vu moment and it was so strong that I stopped what I was doing just to see if it would play out as it did during the premonition.

I don’t even know what it is called but the “pre-sense” that this Deja vu was going to happen actually occurred several years prior to this becoming a reality. It is usually some key words or familiar phrases that ignite the “re-sense” or recollection and makes me relive the memory that hasn’t even physically happened until that very moment the Deja vu was recognized. That’s the “ah ha” moment that makes this phenomenon notorious and forces you to pay attention. It actually makes me wonder how many times this feeling of having already lived through something has presented itself but has been ignored.

But honestly, what is the grand purpose of this recall? Why bother? It is a memory of an event that hasn’t happened just yet and there isn’t enough time to know how to change the outcome. It’s like the misinterpretation of algebra and how we were never going use it in “real life“. Why create this ability to see a small clip of our lives if we can’t use that knowledge? Even if we had a few more minutes such a recollection would prove its worth, especially if it was like “hey, don’t get hit by that truck” sort of thing.

I do wonder if these memories of things that haven’t happened isn’t really things that already have and we are just living a state of constant replay. Of all the times that I have met someone for the first time whom has seemed as if I had already known them, or the moments at which I seem to recall something from decades before my birth, there has to be some “pre-life” connection. There has to be a better explanation for those moments at which two people meet eyes in the middle of a crowd and realize that some type of connection was already made long before that crowd generated.

A part of me wonder if there is a group of souls watching my life in some “pre-life” primetime and they predict what is going to happen so they yell at the “pre-life” television expecting me to hear them. Another part of me wonders if we just don’t keep reliving these lives until we perfect them and the “pre-senses” are memories from a past life trial that failed to completely erase.

Back to my initial question … “what the hell is going on?” Why do such recollection occur and more so the point, why doesn’t any one else participating in the “Deja vu moment” remember knowing this was going to happen? Imagine if all parties involved could remember the “pre-sense” during the Deja vu, the occurrence would be put on some type of awkward pause and never fully play out. Then we would have to rename the phenomena all together to something like “Deja oops” or even better “Deja Jinx.”

We may never know what the purpose of these prophecies are or even if we are misinterpreting them. Maybe our chaotic lives are slowing down our reaction time so that it seems as if these recalls are useless. Maybe if we can fine tune our databases and learn how to listen to the senses we know we have as well as those we didn’t realize we could use we might be able to benefit from a Deja vu and not feel as if we had a Deja Jinx.