A child is the essence of innocence … this soul brought into the world must learn what is good and what is not. This being is vulnerable to all influences and its life will be led by which ever guidance is the most dominant. All the mental stimulus exposed to this child will develop its personality and mold it into who he or she will become. As this child grows past the stages of innocence closer to adulthood, this child may or may not start to recognize the honesty of the forces leading him. This child may find that she doesn’t agree with the cards life dealt her and that she needs to change what she knows and what embraces her.

Time has shown that a child born into an abusive home can become a kind and compassionate soul, or such an environment can turn this innocent child into an antisocial pathological psychopath who lacks any empathy for any other living soul. This influence shows no economic boundary, it can affect both the rich and the poor, it is most noticeable in the poorer communities possibly because those with means can afford to have the child redirected and realigned, and if that doesn’t work their means allow them better opportunities to hide their blemishes. The poverty-stricken children have a much difficult challenge to get through the darkness mainly because of the low social morals they are showered with and the abundance of bad influences that fortify their environments.

The economic differences may not affect whether a child is led astray, however; those differences limit the ability or the practices that expose good moral guidance to a child. A child who is born to a wealthy school district will certainly benefit from a larger array of quality educational benefits as opposed to a child born to the lower end of the social scale who may only receive the minimum state requirements for education which can be a little as showing the school program taught the child something regardless of how significant it is. The ability for this child to understand effects how this child falls to the forces trying to lead them. The saying when an adult does something wrong … they “should have known better …” Really? your right … every child should have a fair chance when it comes to education so that when they are adults they will be able to know better.

Then there is religion … How many times do you sit in your church and see a meth-head, a tweaker, a crack-junky, or a night walker bring their children to Sunday school? How many times do you think the preacher at the churches in the inner city wish more people would join their church and that the church itself could do more for the poor people surrounding it. Now look at the more prominent churches, the ones where all members wear three-piece suits, fancy dresses, and hold their heads a little higher because they are better Christians. Look at their church suppers and retreats, look at their social programs and compare them to the poorer churches and tell me there isn’t a difference in the religious supports these economic barriers have.

These innocent children, regardless of whether they are rich or poor, need a loving home, a quality education, and strong honest religious guidance to help avoid being pulled into the darkness. Their actions as adults will completely depend on their mental health development and their social, moral, and religious beliefs. How are we as a society helping these children grow into adults who will know better if we just tell them to “go outside and play” or follow the notion that good parenting is to allow the child to make its own mistakes. How is exposing the child to evil and siting by to see how that child reacts a good parenting solution?

Oh what it would be like to live life as a child again! The joys, the love, the laughter, and the innocence. Walk into a nursery where everyone whispers to avoid frightening the babies, think about how life would be if it could always be that peaceful and full of all that is good. Think about the babies in that nursery and how perfect they are how innocent they are. We as a society need to watch every child because there is some very bad things out there waiting for them and if we let our social guards down these demons will begin to infect those children you love so much.

When this earth is blessed with the birth of a child, that child has no cloths, it has no money, it has no scars, it doesn’t even cry until we as adults get a hold of it. This child who as bless the earth is purely innocent.