Why can’t we see the shapes in the clouds anymore?

There are certainly a lot of anger around us and that anger is very contagious. From my God hates your God to my church is better than your church. My nation is greater than yours and my beliefs are more true than your opinions. To add to all of this, we have my life is more valuable than your life and my truth is more popular than their truths. When you look at the true meaning of these issues you will see only a few things that build up the strength they rely on; lies, confusion, and pain. With all the power the moments filling our airways have they choose to focus on some form of hate even if it is just a little bit of hate hidden in a “good cause”.

More money, more friends, more power, more followers, more noise, and more worthy than thou. They march, they preach, they call, and they spread deceit. They stand up and make an issue a protest which in turns that protest into a movement that cause radicals to take it way too far. To add more poison to the soup, we have these fruitcakes waiting out there for some message giving them the notion that it is ok to raise havoc on whatever group is being hated at that time. We are stuck in that “you hurt me I hurt you more” mindset even if we are only using words.

We need to figure out some better way to mediate these issues we create and some way that we can all fairly agree on. All we are doing now is segregating everyone and everything and making more people feel as if they too are being cheated. When we are dying and are taken to the hospital the doctors should make sure we are able to live before they care about what our names are. We should be protected regardless of where we live or who we look like. We should live our lives as if we are still in that play ground as a child where every one was our friend.

We should take all of these people who need to make some decision whether they are politicians or radical movement leaders and put them all in a dark room by themselves to hear the issue and give them a chance to hear it without being able to see anything around them or hear any pressure from anyone else. Maybe they will then be able to hear the true problem and work to fix what needs to be fixed rather than create more hatred towards others. Imagine instead of fighting for control because people who have mental issues are killing people that we could focus on trying to fix the pain they have inside that pushes them to hurt others. Maybe we could figure out why they hate all of those they wish to harm because if we take away one weapon they will certainly still feel the hurt inside and just figure out some other means to get revenge on those whom they feel is causing it.

Imagine if we taught how to respect each other better rather than telling everyone that one life is more valuable than another. Imagine if we all grew up thinking that we all matter, that all lives matter regardless because we all are built the same on the inside. Just imagine if we were all brought up to think like birdwatchers who every time they see a different bird they only see the beauty of it and they feel blessed to have been able had the chance to be apart of that bird’s travels.

Life is so unfair and complicated, some of us are rich some are poor, some are healthy while others are sick. There are those who have the best education at the best schools and live in the best places when there are those who can’t read and can’t even write to ask for a broom to sweep their dirt floors. We as a society have lost the understanding that God made us all equal and the philosophy that if we work hard we will gain success. We spend too much time separating each other and there are too many people who feel as if they are entitled to success without earning it. We should not try to take what isn’t ours nor should we push away just because they are not the same.

Certainly we are not able to make life more fair, but what we can do is start helping people understand the feelings that come from this unfairness and start treating people fairly. We don’t need to work on policies or rights, we certainly don’t need to push and shove. What we need to do is figure out how to help people with their feelings because people are hurting out there and that is what they are crying out. They are hurting because they are being bullied, they are hurting because they are being discriminated against, they are hurting because there are things they just don’t understand and they really want someone to help.

Take a moment and look into the clouds and just try to figure out the shapes, or watch how their colors change as the sun rise or sets. look into the trees and watch the squirrels and chipmunks play and maybe you will see the beauty of a bird you have never seen. We were all born into the beauty of this world full of compassion and love. We as a child showed these qualities of compassion and caring to everyone and everything. The feelings that motivate the issues that are causing all the pain and killing our society are things that we all learned. Remember when we would lay in the grass and just stare up into the sky and try to see all the shapes, remember seeing all the bunnies and dinosours in the clouds? Maybe it is time to look back into the sky and try to learn something else.