Falling Asleep

Do you know that dream that creates the feeling as if you are falling backwards down a dark hole or elevator shaft? You can see the light on the surface but you keep falling further into the darkness with such force as if someone is dragging you into the abyss. The fall start out with the noises of life muffled and as you open your eyes and your instinct recognizes the danger you are in, you feel as if you almost had time to reach out and grab and hold on to something in the world above. The next few seconds you scream for all your might but no one is there to hear your cries.

You reach over in hopes that you can grasp something, roots, rocks, anything. But you soon find out that the only things left in the hole are contaminated and broken pieces life left behind long ago and rather than offer you help out of your fall all this does is inflict pain and tears up your hands. You are not big enough to reach across the space and use the other side for support and even if you were, you accept the fact that you would not be strong enough to stop what has already began pulling you into this darkness at which you now hope there is an end.

You stopped screaming but it must be the echoes that still travel the distance of the exit that you feel can still be heard. The darkness has all but suffocated you where now there is no light and the only air is foul and stale making your breathing labored and inefficient. There is more light when you close your eyes than that of the life you are now faced with. It has now become accepted that the bottom of this pit is the only reward and certainly your only choice. You become accepting and slow your breathing and seem to find peace within the fall. There is no noise, no light, no air …no one.

This dream haunts and leads you to wake in the mist of that hole and you know you will relive the entire fall all over again the next sleep you get. They say once you hit rock bottom there is only one choice and that is up, unfortunately that doesn’t matter if you are at the bottom out of reach from society. This dream leaves you alone in a dark place without actually “hitting rock bottom” and far enough away from life that no one can reach you.

Certainly there must be “dream analyst” who feel they can accurately interpret a dream such as this. They may say that it is merely a figment of your imagination, or that it is your brain trying to mismatch memories stored in your mind. It could be a sense of insecurity and the sense of falling may lead to a feeling of loosing control. Surely we could carry on and have a grand ole intellectual debate, discussion, or dialog; all will leave us completely insane, however; it is a dream. A personal experience that the likeness many share.

So the question is do you know this dream where you are falling down a dark hole into a bottomless pit? No? Me either, I hate dreaming because every time I close my eyes all I see is darkness and it becomes difficult to breathe.



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