The Change of Greatness

We want to believe everything they promise and hope that the world will change the way they say it will. They somehow are in tuned with all of our hardships and trials and they act as if they want to listen to our concerns. They seem genuine and honest, they even make us feel like they understand and can relate.  They are always going to make a change and always going to make things great again. If only they had to run for re-election more often. As much as I hate the negativity and the empty promises, the campaign funding and volunteers calling me on the weekends. Maybe if they knew we had control more often maybe they would be less likely to forget the lies they told to earn our vote in the first place. That’s the other thing, give us control and make our votes count not some electorate who doesn’t have to follow the popular vote cast by We The People.

There are so many Americans who feel that our votes don’t matter and the whole system is rigged. It is just another political game played behind close doors and we, the American people, are allowed to participate as much as they feel is necessary. They certainly put on a good show and at times the campaign season can be as predictable as a mid-day soap opera. Some of us are just watching enough to see if they are going to change it at the last-minute. Every four years it seems more and more like some of the storyline where the community lives within a dome and the production crew controls every thing from the outside. Maybe having voters go to the polls is just a way for the political machine to calculate how effective their lies and deceit is on society; it is the political version of television ratings.

If you stop and ask people who are going to the polls to vote why they are actually doing so you may find that many of the answers you would get would be related to a sense of duty or because they want to see changes take place. In the mist of trying to make America great again, many voters cast ballets because they feel it is necessary and they flock to the polls because they are told to, yet when they punch that card, mark that X, or push that button they don’t even know what all they are actually voting for. Sometimes to fill out that entire ballot they rely on multiple choice and Eneeni Meenie Miny & Moe rather than any sort of educated reasoning. They have a philosophy in electoral campaigning that it is all about Name Recognition; say the name and show the name and say it again. They will plaster all these names on air ways, billboards, and the edge of lawns and intersections. Some of these will be the names of those in the spotlight, others are unknown but they hope that when the multiple choice begins for the voters they will choose the name they recognize more than the rest.

Imagine if we were able to chose our government officials based on an interview rather than some over publicized scandals or bickering. Imagine how the results of the polls would be different if when we voted a short profile video like you would see on some online dating site would come on and provide you with all the information you need to make an educated decision. They will have 10 seconds to figure out their best lies or even just to be honest. No targeted questions or crafty editing just “Hi, this is me and this is what I want to do for you.” Imagine if you could compare the candidate’s “dating profile” side by side at the polls without any influence by the media or political parties. Sure, it will make voting take longer, but we can always shorten the debates and shouldn’t the decision to choose those who will control our government take more time than picking out a loaf of bread? Of course this reverts back to giving the voters power to have their votes actually matter.

In addition, maybe we should return to the practice of having the Vice President being the runner-up of the race rather than having the candidates chose their running mates based on how much support that person has provided or some process of returning favors. If the Vice President was the second most popular vote and it would be similar to the real world working environment whereas if you don’t do your job someone else is inline that will. Maybe more work will be done if the Vice President wasn’t just there. How many times has there been a Vice President that the people remembered, and remembered what they did during their time in office? This person is the next in line to the Presidency and the person who will run this county, shouldn’t it be someone WE THE PEOPLE chose rather than someone the political machine choses.

In a few months we will go to the polls and punch that ticket, mark that X, and push that button because of our sense of duty to want to make America Great again and to change how things are. We, at that moment, will convince ourselves that we are making a difference and that our one vote matters to how this country will be controlled. We will walk in to those polling places wanting to believe everything they promise and hope that the world will change the way they say it will. There will be a sense of pride, even with the offices we voted for who we’ve never heard of but we stood up and played our part. All of this in such a short period of time behind that curtain and then we will have the ability to complain for the next four years and at that point we can be lied to again, tricked, deceived, and manipulated all over again. Maybe then we will feel as if we did something that mattered and that we actually had a choice.