Beyond the Horizon

Standing in that field with the tall grass waving with the wind and along the edge wild flowers draw a line to the horizon. The wind moves the grass in such a hypnotic way it becomes soothing. But how far can you see, can you see through the grass into the flowers? Can you see past the flowers into the horizon? How far can you see? How far should we be able to see? Are there just some things that are meant to be left out of our sight? Why can others see beyond those flowers and I am blind to it no matter how hard I believe?

 Walking down the busy sidewalk in the city are we completely alone? Surely there are others walking among us with some direction in mind, some of them we can see some we do not even know they are there. The nature of life in the city creates a social environment whereas you are blinded by basically everything ever one else is doing around you. The concrete, mortar, steel, and glass forces you to create a tunnel within your vision that limits your view to only that which directly benefits you. You cannot see those walking with you, you cannot see those walking against you. You don’t notice those standing with you in line at the coffee shop, or at the newspaper stand, or waiting with you at the street crossing. Basically in your memory you are all alone because you closed everyone else out.

Imagine that a similar “tunnel vision” is used by all of us everyday everywhere we go. Is there people out there that we cannot see because our minds are not focused enough to see them. They walk among us and stand beside us, maybe the are even trying to talk to us. Maybe they are trying desperately to direct us and we just can’t find the ability to see or hear them. Even if we could, would we be able to understand them or even believe what they are trying to tell us. There are some who claim they can do this for us. There are some who sees and hears everything around us. Apparently there are those among us who found away to break the tunnel they were viewing through and have been enlightened with what may be actually happening around us.

Certainly, you can watch an infomercial on television and feel that the person is just trying to sell you a load of crap. Some product barely put together that is supposed to work better than anything else. It is something that everyone needs and no one can live without, but it is really what they say it is? Sometimes they actually do have products on that infomercial channel that are very thought out ideas that the mainstream hasn’t been able to accept and when you do buy into them it can change your everyday routine. It can be difficult to filter through the sales pitches that are fake and the few which are the real deal. The same can be said for these individuals who claim to have some type of clairvoyant abilities. Some are just down right fake and others are the real deal. Regardless, it can be difficult to tell the two apart and a lot of it has to rely on how much you want to believe.

Through out my life I have come across several people who could see farther than I could. Though I haven’t actively sought these people out they still found a way to cross my path. Some offered transparent promises and others were so full of it that they were lucky to just walk away. There were also those who just created these weird feelings within me as I was compelled to listen to what they were saying. These experiences were much different from going to a dark drapery room with a glass ball sitting on a table. I always felt that if someone could see my future they should already know I was coming to them and should not have to ask me any questions at all. They claim they can see what lies ahead of me then they should just tell me outright, hell they should be able to call me up and let me know without me even finding them. Well, sometimes that does happen in a sense.

I have had a couple of occasions where people have approached me and they seemed to already know who I was and what I was thinking, feeling, and what I needed to do. Now, I am very cynical so I always doubt anyone trying to pull one over on me. But sometimes there are too many senses that are making connections and too many things known that do not make sense. As cynical as I try to be, I can’t help but feel that if you believe in blessings you must also accept that there are curses and if believe that we have a destination for our souls after we pass then certainly there are souls still out there somewhere.  The question still remains; is this a blessing or a curse to know what it is that can be seen by some that is blinded by most.

Sometimes I feel that we all would like to have some ability to talk to those who passed over. Certainly, letting go was very difficult and for some of us we still try to hold on to some of them, if just a little piece. Imagine if we could treat those who passed over much like a friend who was moving across the country and you know you wouldn’t see them again. That friend and you could maintain contact through letters, or even better with today’s technology we have a multitude of social networking abilities to make it seem as if they were still here. Imagine if we could just text a loved one,  imagine if they could text back. I have family who will post on other family members Facebook pages after they past and at times it was a little shocking to see my Aunt’s profile come up years after she passed, eventually I had to block her profile because it was just too difficult for me to keep seeing post that seemed to be from her because I knew it wasn’t truly her.

The thing about writing or sending a message to a long distance friend is you eagerly wait for a response, or even to know if they read your message to begin with. It can become a scenario that just builds stress and a sense of sorrow because as time passes between when a message was sent and received, and even replied to you realize the true distance between you and those who left you behind. So when you have a love one who passes on and you send them a message and you never get a response you know for certain that they are gone. Right until some quack comes up to you and says they need to talk to you about someone trying to send you a message. Or even better, when someone tells you they work with those who are no longer living and some of the people they work with need your help. Yeah, it’s a little disturbing, but is it disturbing because you think this person is full of crap or is it because something is telling you that they are not.

I suppose if I believe that there are those who can be blessed then there must be those who can be cursed. If there are those who can speak to God, then it is possible that people can be possessed by the other. If I can speak to the living and their souls can live long after they pass then those souls must still be out there and it is possible that someone can see them and even communicate with them even though I can not. I suppose that if I stand with someone else in that field with the flowing tall grass swaying in the wind with the wild flowers lining the horizon it is possible that I may just see the flowers but they may be able to see the world beyond the horizon. Maybe if we walked down the same street surrounded by bricks, mortar, steel and glass I would only see those I need to see and they will see everything.

Maybe their clairvoyance is a blessing, maybe not. Maybe it is unfair that they can talk to those whom I can not. Maybe they have an ability that I have not been able to develop, maybe I am just not listening enough. Sometimes I wish I could see beyond those flowers, but what would I do with that ability. How would knowing help me progress in this life, how would it better my life and that of those around me? Maybe some of us are blind because we don’t look hard enough, but maybe we are only seeing what we are supposed to see. Maybe we are only given what it is that we can handle and nothing more. Just maybe somethings are better left unseen, unheard, and left alone! … Or do they really need my help?