When you are led to water you must believe you are thirsty

You Can Lead A Horse to Water, But You Can Not Make Him Drink

Essentially, that is the way it should be because if that horse would just drink because you wanted him to what purpose would it be; he is not a storage container for water. The purpose of drinking when thirsty is to satisfy a need not to needlessly satisfy someone who is leading you and their wants. It is one thing to follow and another to be led astray, certainly even the follower must be able to decide that he or she is being led in the right direction. Even the horse must be able to choose, if not that horse could be led into the darkness of that water and thirst no more.

In many cases we search for answers, in fact deep within us there is a thirst for these answers. However; there are too many of us who become followers and fail to lead our own path towards our faith. Faith is not something that someone else should lead you to believe. It has to be something that you thirst for and fill your needs not those of someone else. Religion is one of those things that affects us all and we all start out with the same blank page and need for answers. It is also one of the most manipulated subjects any of us will ever be faced with. There is always some degree of doubt within in almost every word and that in itself is why we must not only have faith but we must also truly believe in what it is we are being led to.

There are too many words on too many pages found in too many books misread by too many people who are misleading too many fools. If you listen enough to one man who is passionate about his belief you will soon forget what it was that you started with as far as your own beliefs and you transition from the interested listener to the follower. The truth means nothing if you do not believe it for yourself, it cannot be something that you feel is true only because someone else says it is. There are many of us who can twist words and manipulate passages in just the right way to make them represent what ever meaning we want. All it takes is the right words and someone who is willing to listen because they are in search of what it real but don’t know how to find it.

If you look back at all the historic cult activity we have seen in the last 100 years, most of them have started with some individual preaching some form of Devine Prophecy. These cults are led by someone who uses spiritual promises on those whom he or she knows they can influence. The members of these cults are targeted not because they are followers, but because they can be manipulated and played as pawns in some social path game. Furthermore, it is not just these “Doomsday” cults that manipulate, nor are only single-minded unorthodox groups considered cults. Many of the churches you see around you are derived from people leaving another church because of differences of beliefs. If you don’t like the position of the church, gather enough people and create your own. This begs the question, who truly creates a church; God or man? To add to this complex puzzle, some leaders of the church have good intentions, however; they tend to mix in their own opinions and desires to the teaching of the gospel and preach them hand in hand with the Word of God as if they too were God’s will.

Your religious beliefs need to be yours and they have to be something that you feel deep within your soul to be true. It cannot be taught and you certainly should not be led to believe anything that still leaves you with empty questions. We shouldn’t go to church just because it is socially expected and you certainly shouldn’t participate just because you feel that you are supposed to. Remember always that this is not just about religion, it is a belief and it must be your belief because in the end it is your soul and when your judgement comes you will stand alone. Religion has to be much more than preparing for the end; in a sense it is a way to live this life not just that which you may live in the next. It is learning how to treat yourself and how to treat others in this world around us. In religious manner, they always ask if you are saved as if the alternative is that you are lost. They are wanting to save your soul so that you can pass on into the next phase in life which ever that may be. However; don’t you think when we stand at those gates the one question we will be asked is whether we lived a good life or whether we were righteous, kind, caring, and compassionate?

Your judgement will be based on how you have lived your life and how you treat others, not on how you were led or what building you gathered in. Your beliefs are those in which create a thirst to lead your own life down the strait and narrow path and makes you want to be righteous, kind, caring, and compassionate. It not just about being a good Christian, it is about being a good person. Good Christians go to church, support the church, and participate in church. That in itself only makes you a member and just going to church without being able to believe for yourself only makes you a follower. What church needs to be is that pool of water so that when you are thirsty you can find what it is you need to quench that thirst. They need to lead you to the gift of God and let you embrace it for yourself not have them throw it over you to cover you with it. We all need the ability to take this faith and believe it deep within our souls because it is our souls that we will be taking to the next level.

When you lead that horse to water, let him drink only if he is thirsty. Let the horse decide if the water he is led to is good and worth drinking. Don’t be fooled by the trickster and misled by his juggling of the truth. Our religious beliefs are strengthened by us reading the scriptures and through prayer. We must learn how to read, pray, and allow the Spirit to direct us before we learn how to follow. Believe for yourself fore your religion is between you and your God.