The Hike

I will admit that I am a fairly stubborn man, well maybe really stubborn at times. I also have pretty good endurance and a strong drive to move forward, maybe that is just my stubbornness making it difficult for me to quit. There are times such as these where I feel as if I am climbing a steep rugged trail and I am forcing myself not to stop and my drive is focusing on the summit. It feels as if there is something that has attached itself to me causing my burdens to be much heavier, and as I push forward more hijackers climb on adding to the already weighted load I have to carry. Something inside me will not let me quit and somewhere deep within I know I feel as if I will die trying regardless of the pain. Sometimes it feels as if with each successful step further more obstacles appear and the closer I feel to completing this task the harder and more painful these obstacles become. I feel as if I am charging through the dark spooky woods climbing up the mountain alone with a horde of trolls chasing me and climbing onto my back trying to stop me  while others are throwing down boulders from above.

At times I feel as if I am not strong enough. There are times that I feel I am not supposed to reach the end. There are times where I feel as if I am climbing this mountain all alone. At times I just want to give up. If you decide to take this hike with me there are only two things that will occur, you will either walk along side me and take on some of these damn trolls tearing at my back and maybe one us will make it to the top and help the other reach the end. Or you can hold on to me along with these other burdens and try to slow me down or think you can just ride up with me knowing that I will refuse to let myself quit regardless of the weight placed upon me. Support is encouraging, yet you cannot jump on my back and whisper encouragements in my ear. If you walk along side me don’t go off on your own direction or feel the competition is underway and the first one to the end wins and all others left behind are lost, grab my hand and we will see the goal together or you will just become another obstacle along the way.

This is a marathon hike we are on, this thing called life. We push forward through the debris with souls all around us either cheering us on or heckling us down. There are those who jump on your wagon, there are those who push past you never to look back. There are those who will reach out and pull you forward and those who will tear at you trying to pull you down. As much as I would like to envision this battle as an offensive line exploding together through the wall of opponents trying to hold them back, in reality it is more like a small child walking through a dark forest just wanting to be home. I am stubborn yet I am not strong enough, where do you stand in this struggle of mine? Are you going to just whisper kind words in my ear or will you lock on to my feet and hold me down? Will you be the one to take my hand and help pull me through or are you the one who will just pass me by? I am stubborn, I have to complete this task with or without you and as strong as I try to be, I am scared.