It was a Monday morning and this man came up to me and said he heard I was looking for a car. We met after I was done work and headed off into the mountains for roughly a hour’s drive. In this small drive by town we catch a side street that would normally be passed over because of the lack of general invitation, I was surprised it even had a street sign even though I didn’t notice it until after we turned on to the street. It was clear that these streets were laid out when cars were narrower and there wasn’t so much over growth. Yet it isn’t the streets that we are there for, it was what was on that narrow poorly designed street.

67 gto sketch

About a 3/4 of a mile down this street sat an abandoned house slowly being covered in vines and weed and eventually will be reclaimed by mother nature herself. The attraction to all the vegetation and how high up the house it went nearly made me overlook what it was we were searching for. My guide stated that it had been at least 7 years since he had seen this so he was uncertain to even if it was still there. For all he knew the earth could have taken it as it is trying to take that house. And the earth was trying because as we could make out where that driveway would have been had there not been a small forest beginning in its place was an object hidden in the tall grass and invasive vegetation.

I don’t know what it is that makes me so attracted to this car, I have never owned one or even sat in one. All I know is for almost 30 years this has been my desire, it has been my dream. I don’t know if it is the way the hood scoops are, or the sound of the name, or even the nicknames society has given it throughout the years. I do know that others also have the same desires which has made this car very hard to find these last dozen years so to sit here and see one that needs my help is in itself a miracle for I am certainly surprised that no one else has taken this and turned it into a car that no blue-collar worker could ever afford. Yet here it is and it was just the glimpse of the specifically designed tail lights that set my heart on fire as I wanted to jump out of the truck as we drove by. I knew it was the treasure I was looking for.

We turned around and I parked the truck in the ditch next to the house not caring if my guide had to fall out of the truck into the tall grass full of snakes and empty beer cans. As I walked to this poor soul it was as if the weeds and vines moved aside revealing this magnificent blue work of art like something you would see on a TV game show. This was mine! It was what I was looking for! The right year, the right color, the exact condition I needed to bring it back from the depths of hell. This was my chance to give this car I have loved so long and could never have a chance to live again. And I thought finding it was going to be the hard part.

I knew I needed to be careful as to who I asked about this car but I had to find out who the owner was so that I could try to buy it or at least see how much I had to sell my soul to get it. I wanted to just tie a rope to it and yank it out in the middle of the night and drag it back home, but that would probably just get me shot in this neck of the woods. It was late, and I needed to think clearly so back in the truck and back to the shop. I would set up a plan and do some research just in case both the car and the property was truly abandoned. This is not like taking in a lost dog, there is a paper trail and if I don’t do this right I could just have it taken away from me. This is the one! This is the car that I don’t even care if I ever finish because I just want to spend the rest of my life working on it and making it great again.

I can’t afford this dream of mine, but I need to try. I have to find out who left this precious creation to rot in this leafy grave. I need to hope they don’t feel it is worth so much they want to hold onto it or ask so much for it that by time I save and sell everything I can someone else would have beat me to the line. In a sense I am glad it has sat there for so long and that it is in a drive by town on a side road you will never see. I wanted to go get some more weeds and vines or even hedges and start planting them so that I could have a better chance of seeing the car again once I could come up with whatever it will take to buy it.

That weekend I went back and started asking around and everyone knew about the car, they also knew that the owner would not sell it. They actually laugh at the fact that I was even trying. The owner bought this car over 20 years ago and parked it where it sits and just left it. No one would give me this man’s phone number, they all knew him and knew how he was in regards to not only this car but several others he has hidden on several other runned down properties in the area. These people seemed pleasant right up to the point at which I mentioned the car then you could see their facial expressions immediately change as if I insulted them. I had to find this owner, I have to try to do what ever it takes to find THIS car. This is the car I have been looking for, this is the car that I have dreamed about. This is the “someday” car that I have been working for all my life and I will keep trying to find this guy who would rather just have it rot next to this old house.

Just thinking about this car makes my blood flow a little faster. I can see the chrome and shine from the paint. I can hear the rumble and smell the pollution coming from the sheer power hidden underneath the hood. I can only dream of saving this creation. I can only hope that somehow I can have the chance. This dream that I once gave up because it seemed so far out of reach just became a little closer and I have finally found it. Someday … somehow … this will be mine … finally!