Successfully…Rich and Famous…without Failure?

Here we go with another episode of “what is success?” and the rhetoric of the discussion that follows such a question. But seriously, do we truly know what success means? Is it possible that the meaning of this word is different from person to person and place to place? Think about what success really means to you and how others effect that level of success or even the perception of that success. Think about how others may just have a different expectation of success, even of your own success. Where do we start? Lets just open a book, or with the means of this generation, lets look it up.  If you go to Merriam-Webster, Success is defined as such: (I crossed out the vague pointless definitions)

: the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame

: the correct or desired result of an attempt

: someone or something that is successful

: a person or thing that succeeds

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Mountain of Man

It was a fall day during the weeks before rifle season when I came across this mountain of rocks. As I was driving around the back roads of Vermont jumping through the small villages I could see this mountain as far away as 15 miles. I was so intrigued that I drove down several one lane dirt roads past various no trespassing signs to get closer to this massive pile of rocks. Clearly it was not made at the hands of God, the manner at which these rocks were piled certainly would had to have been man-made. After a few more left turns and one right I come up to a fence with warning signs placed every ten or twenty feet concerned about your health. At the front gate one could see the massive structure leading up to the top of the pile of rocks and I learned that this was once an asbestos mine and the rocks were the remnants of the work that was once done at this sight. Parked at the front gate looking at the four by eight warning sign relating to how asbestos can cause severe health issues and even cancer I felt that they should add the language that “if you can read this then you are too close.” Continue reading

Re-Routing to Alternate Path

I , like most of us, have recently been pondering the purpose of my life. Yep the prelude to the famed “midlife crisis”. But it’s really deeper than that; it isn’t about where I am in my career, or who I have in my life, or even if I am already too old. It is about where I stand and where I will go here after. As much as I may complain, I am pretty content with my life.  Surely there are things I’d like to change or improve, but nothing that would make me chase after sports cars and things I those 20 years younger would run to.  In fact, most “midlife crisis” consist of knowing that your on the tail end of your life and there are so many things you haven’t done yet. It certainly is about what you haven’t done, this pondering I have is more about the things I have done and why I have been put here. Continue reading

Finding a Peace of that State of Mind

There is this moment that many of us can relate to where we are yelling and arguing trying to prove a point or maybe at least make a stand. This moment is not a discussion because we are not allowing any time for anyone else to speak or even be heard. We are making a stand and we’ve invested so much emotion into making that stand that we no longer know if we are even right or better yet, justified. Sometimes it seems like those old farm engines where they start-up with a chug-chug and chug and when they get going they roar and are full of power yet they only move a little. We can carry on so much and momentum builds so fast that we can’t stop the words we bellow out. Before too long we only hear our selves sort of like being in a gun fight and we realize that we are the only ones shooting. Continue reading