Finding a Peace of that State of Mind

There is this moment that many of us can relate to where we are yelling and arguing trying to prove a point or maybe at least make a stand. This moment is not a discussion because we are not allowing any time for anyone else to speak or even be heard. We are making a stand and we’ve invested so much emotion into making that stand that we no longer know if we are even right or better yet, justified. Sometimes it seems like those old farm engines where they start-up with a chug-chug and chug and when they get going they roar and are full of power yet they only move a little. We can carry on so much and momentum builds so fast that we can’t stop the words we bellow out. Before too long we only hear our selves sort of like being in a gun fight and we realize that we are the only ones shooting.

You can feel your blood pressure boiling and the anger starts to take a physical presence that stiffens your joints and tightens your muscles. You can’t hear the soft voice inside telling you to calm down. You can’t hear that voice saying “you’re going too far” or “you are going to hurt someone”. You can’t even see that you are so far off the point you were trying to make. The anger you generated has filled so much of the space around the outside of you that you can’t hear or see anyone around you. It has consumed so much of the space inside you that you can’t hear or feel the direction that is there to help you.

Now this above is one of the more extreme situations where our feelings control us, but lets take it down a notch. Think about when we are upset because something is not fair, or someone has hurt our feelings, or even that we are so sad that all we think about is being sad. These moments fester inside us and consume our thoughts. We hear those around us tell us it will get better or its alright but our depression or resentment controls our mind and we know that these people are wrong; they don’t understand. There is a comforting voice within us that tells us that we will be okay and to get up and start living life and to leave this sadness and resentment behind. Our depression and resenting mind resist this direction as if telling someone who is afraid of the water to step into a wading pool. You tell them it will be fine and that the water really isn’t that deep but they resist and tell you they can’t and that they are afraid as if the water in that pool is such as a tidal wave going to consume all in its path.

These feelings we have control us whether it be anger, resentment, sadness, or depression. They control us and direct our lives so much it not only affects those around us and our daily lives, but it also prevents us from seeing, hearing, or understanding any direction that is being given to us from within. These feelings affect our physical beings, our emotional state, and can completely consume our thought; so much so that no other thoughts can exist. This state of mind or state of being can control us so much it can take many years and even help from others to escape from us. Some of us never escape; in fact some of us fall victim to this state of mind that the evil others that control us becomes victorious and steals both our lives and our soul.

Now take a moment and think about when there is no anger, no sadness, no resentment, and complete control. The voices in our head are reduced to a quiet whisper and there is peace within us. This moment is when we can think, this moment is when we can decide, this moment is when we can hear, feel, and understand. We can be confident that our actions are truly ours when we are not confused with the feelings and emotions cause by the others. We can start to understand the direction we are supposed to go in and we are in a state of peace that only leads us to happiness and a state of being content.

We no longer hunger for more attention, more love, more money, more stuff, more being right, more people listening to you, more people liking you, more people supporting you. We are at that state where we feel comfortable that we will be provided and we no longer need more of the anger, sadness, resentment, or pain the others cause. When we clear our minds and heart we can feel the presence and see the signs. We can feel the warm fuzzy feeling of love as if being bundled in a warm blanket. We can listen to the guiding words and know that they are right, and we can walk forward in life softly and gently and know that everything is going to be alright.

Our state of mind can blind us or it can deliver us. Our state of mind can consume us and destroy us. We can feel pain and sorrow, or peace and love and those feelings is transferred to all those around us and all those we come in contact with. Sometimes our state of mind has so much control it steam rolls our path in life and we lose direction. Sometimes we must slow down enough to see the signs and even stop so that we can think and hear. You know these moments, what state of mind are you in?