Re-Routing to Alternate Path

I , like most of us, have recently been pondering the purpose of my life. Yep the prelude to the famed “midlife crisis”. But it’s really deeper than that; it isn’t about where I am in my career, or who I have in my life, or even if I am already too old. It is about where I stand and where I will go here after. As much as I may complain, I am pretty content with my life.  Surely there are things I’d like to change or improve, but nothing that would make me chase after sports cars and things I those 20 years younger would run to.  In fact, most “midlife crisis” consist of knowing that your on the tail end of your life and there are so many things you haven’t done yet. It certainly is about what you haven’t done, this pondering I have is more about the things I have done and why I have been put here.

The first step of this was easy on my part because I did go to Sunday school and to begin the search for our purpose we must determine whether or not we believe that this world was created by some cosmic explosion or a divine rendering by the hand of God. Both of these theories have strong supporting points, one is based on faith the other is based on science; however, that which is based on science is also based on some faith and the final question is where did it all come from, “somebody” had to had created it in order for either faith or science to exist. With that said, I refuse to get into a debate over either of these positions, you are free to believe what you will, its between you and God.

So this world was created by the hand of God, and if he did put us here for a purpose, what is that. Out of 7 billion souls on this earth, why did he put me here? What is my job? What am I supposed to do? Why doesn’t he tell me? Maybe he has told me, but I haven’t been listening. Maybe I already did what ever he wanted and don’t even realize it. Sometimes the “others” in this world will cause so much chaos and distractions that we cannot see or hear the directions he has been trying to give us. Think of it like the voice on the GPS we use in our cars when traveling. The voice is telling us with plenty of time in advance when we need to make a turn, yet sometimes we have the music turned up too much as so it drowns out the direction the GPS is trying to give us.  Sometimes we find the voice on the GPS annoying because it keeps telling us to “make a legal U-turn” and we just turn off the sound and keep going where we want to go because we are “smarter” than the GPS. An interesting feature that most GPS have is that they will re-route your course when you make a wrong turn, or even give you an alternate route if you get caught in traffic. However; all these features don’t mean a thing if we don’t pay attention and listen to them.

So I have been pondering why I am here, but also because my “prime” has long passed, have I lived my life well? Am I in good standing? Am I right with God? Many of us go through this stage where we are “born again” and frantically try to right all the wrongs we have done. Some make an extra effort to do more good to offset their bad history. Others go extreme and claim everything is a sin and they try to save everyone they can because the “end of days” is near. Although I have been known to slap people in the head, I am not going to go around trying to heal people of all that ails them or stand on the street corner with a cardboard sign and prophesize about what is to come. I would like to know if I am following him close enough so that they don’t close the gates on me when my time comes. I have seen and dealt with a lot of crap and stupidity, I know what lurks in those shadows and what gives you that eerie feeling that someone is watching or following you. I certainly don’t want to spend eternity putting up with those idiots and that stupidity. I just assume do what ever it takes to be right with God.

I think you either believe or you kind of believe, you have either faith or you have doubt. I feel it is difficult for any one to honestly say they don’t believe in God or the afterlife. Those who do are being fooled and they have this inner voice that is trying to tell them otherwise but the others have mad it so they can’t hear that guidance. I feel it is far better to have faith that there is an afterlife and to try to meet the requirements to enter that kingdom. Think about this; we live our life with faith that there is a heaven and we try to live our lives accordingly doing good deeds and being kind to others, but if there is no heaven at least we lived a good life. Now wouldn’t it be better to live a good life and die not knowing if there was a heaven, because if there is no heaven when we die we no longer have the ability to think about it, but that would be better than to live our lives thinking there was no heaven and no need to care about doing what is right just to meet the end of our life standing in line waiting to be judged by the Almighty himself. That would feel worst than being in third grade and forgetting to do the homework that was worth 80% of your grade, where I went to school you got whooped for not doing your homework so it hurt both physically and emotionally.

It is far better to live your life in faith to learn that there is no afterlife than it ever will be to live your life as if there is no afterlife to learn that there was one.

I don’t know what my divine purpose here on earth is nor how grand or simple that may be. I feel that there is some sort of afterlife and that it is necessary to make myself right with God. I think it is important to live our entire lives trying to make up for all our wrongs by doing a little good for others. Maybe in the end it will help; maybe not … who knows? Exactly,  who really knows? There are fools who pretend and lie but do they really know? I doubt it. You have this feeling inside that tells you when someone is full of crap.

Consider life as the age-old analogy of traveling down a road and coming to a cross-road. Choosing a road uncertain as to where either of them lead. Lets just add that some may feel one leads to civilization and others will argue that one road is only the long way around the short cut. The fools will say they both will end in the same place and it is more important to enjoy the trip than waste time getting to the same end. The careless fool disregards the inner GPS directing him and chooses the road that would seem to give him much more pleasure along the way. This road leads him to detours and switchbacks and eventually he finds himself lost. When he reaches the end of his travels he finds himself at a canyon overlooking a grand kingdom and there before him reads a sign that reads …

“Dead End”

“Use other Path”

There is a little soft-spoken GPS with in all of us trying to keep us on the right road and when we take a wrong turn this little voice tries to put us back on the right path and provides us with alternate routes and turn arounds. It is up to us to listen and act upon that direction. How you live is not a waste of time if there is any possibility that there will be a day you will be judged for the way you lived your life. Maybe it is time to take a good look at the road you actually are on and where you should be.


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