We all have shadows and depending on the light that shines on us; some shadows are larger and darker than others. Depending on our path; these shadows can lead us, walk along side us, or follow us. Some of us are so used to these shadows that we act like that childhood story figure where the boy desperately seeks out his shadow and stitches it back to his heels. On the more than likely other hand; many of us are a bit frightened of the shadows we see. 

These silhouettes that haunt us and lurk among or every step are the dark representation of our likeness. Yet is it the matter at which these impressions reveal a reflection without the compassion or love we desire to hold that makes these shadows unsightly? Or is it that these figures hide all the personal qualities that make us human? Maybe we are ashamed of this thing that follows us from deep within the darkness because we feel this is where we have hidden all our wrongful thoughts and actions; maybe this is the place where we bury all our pain and tears.

Maybe we shun away from our shadows because we refuse to accept that matter at which this perception of our profile is actually ours or even the realistic depiction of our outline. Maybe we are so blinded by our needs that we cannot accept that an image of ourselves is projected away from our inner space. Maybe those dissenting opinions are on the right path and these shadows we fear are not ours; maybe they belong to the others hiding within the depths of the darkness.

Nevertheless, these shadows are not something we can run from unless we are in complete brightness or entire darkness. These dark figures are such that we can never touch and being so neither can they harm us. The fear we have is something we learned as time passed by, just remember when we made a mockery of our shadows and forced it to turn into bunny rabbits and butterflies; it wasn’t so scary then now was it. So go forth and stich that shadow back on your heals and remember it isn’t the shadow itself that we fear, it is what is hiding in the shadows that frightens us all.