Out of Gas

A man driving his truck down country road late in the afternoon in search for his destiny. The road is long and the skies above are cloudy with threats of rain yet the drive seems peaceful and calm. As the miles pass the truck begins to stumble and hesitate then eventually it runs poorly on vapors alone as the gas tank runs dry. Standing on this empty road in the middle of nowhere he waits patiently for someone to pass by yet no one stops to offer a helping hand. Daylight begins to fade and the dreariness of the clouds above begin to darken as the night sets in. The options are limited and show very little promise for success in regards to reaching the very destiny in time to fully take advantage of what is waiting for him. He can choose to continue to wait as the night falls and hope that a kind soul will show some compassion or he can walk away and leave his belongings where they sit. Lastly, he could push his truck down the road in hopes to find a gas filling station somewhere close down the road so he can get back on the path he was on with the same motivation he once had. Continue reading


Calling of Kindness

I am certain that we all know the philosophy of random acts of kindness and my favorite “pay it forward” so I will save those for some later discussion. What I want to share with you is the kindness that some one feels deeply compelled to provide even if they do not understand why. In fact there are times at which these providers don’t even know what the issue is at which they are called to give. There is some thing over our shoulder whispering into our ear that we should do something, that we should share some message, or that we should just take a moment and check in on someone be it by phone or in person. Some of us do not cry out in the typical ways, if you read any of my previous post you would know that I fit in that category. Asking for help is very hard for me and showing I am in pain emotionally can sometimes be harder. Continue reading

Sometimes the words are more than just from the Heart

Recently I purchased a Christmas card for a friend. Now I don’t do the whole card giving thing all because of the expectation to personally scribe some heartfelt message within the blank areas. I am one who will stand in front of all the cards and just wait for one to stand out. I read the words pre-printed within the card itself and if I don’t think if it rings a bell I move onto the next one and read that one until I find the “one” card I wanted to buy for whoever it was I was thinking about. On this Christmas card I recently bought I found the exact message I wanted to convey, which is good because I wasn’t planning on writing on it to begin with. The thing that stuck with me was how that pre-printed card already said what was in my heart. Continue reading

Trail Closed! Hazards Ahead!

Can you imagine climbing up to the top of a mountain? You start at the base of the trail and find your way through the dense twisted path of soft rocky ground. You see flowers and trees you would not in the blocks of the cities. You hear creatures all around you and wonder what they are. Deeper into the woods you begin to feel the forest of this mountain close in on you and the chirps and tweets begin to sound like sniffs and growls and you just begin to wonder. An opening head allows you to look out into the world from your rise atop of it and the view shows all the peace upon this earth because all the evils seem too small to notice. Your progression towards your goal reveals that all the tall majestic trees that once closed in on you become smaller and smaller and the grass underfoot begins to all but grow. The soft damp ground becomes hard and jagged and random rocks become obstacles and hazards. The calm blueness of the sky fades as you climb brings you into the clouds and above the sight of those down far below. Continue reading

Waiting for a Change

Sitting at a red light thinking, “this must be the longest red light ever!” “It’s got to be my turn soon” “someone or something somewhere must be monitoring this” “they must have some sensors that tells them I’m sitting here waiting”. Isn’t that how life turns out? We feel we are ready to move but we must wait for something to let us go. Like the traffic light there are so many things that control the progression of our lives. The whole “it’s your life go live it” philosophy is a bunch a crap much like “follow your dreams.” These encouraging phrases are meant to motivate you yet they do not honestly tell you how life will react to your motivation. You could have a dream to fly fighter jets yet find the pure disappointment that you’re not tall enough, or not smart enough, or maybe you learn you are afraid of heights. Maybe you dream of being the next rising singing star but despite all the shower rehearsals you cannot sing a solid note let alone hold a melody. It would be great if we could live our lives because they belong to us, however; there are so many other factors that control everything we do. Are these lives truly ours if we do not have complete control of them? Continue reading

The Right Time to Reason

It always seems that whenever someone holds a baby they feel the urge to talk to it and make it say something back. I’m sure I have done this myself where as a dad I tried to get my children do hurry up and say “dada” to win the harmless competition with mama. We want to get a jumpstart on teaching these little ones all the good and bad of the world so that we feel they are ready for what life will throw at them. We want to tell them all our fears and joys so they will know what to expect. We try so desperately to learn if they understand us at all and some will insist that these young ones do, however, I often wonder how these babies could respond to the questions the professionals asked. In all honesty, I just feel that these little souls are just not ready to listen to what we want them to learn nor do I think they can comprehend the complexity of our message. Continue reading

Are you just going to sit there?

Throughout life there are many dim moments; moments where you just can’t understand why things are the way they are. Life becomes dark and cold and it is a struggle to keep moving forward. It would seem as if you will ultimately become like the homeless stricken with grief and left to the curbs. The darkness brings in so many demons and so many poisons that hold you down and tear at your soul. With the weight of life and all that has failed it seems pointless to try to fight any more and you feel as if it is time to succumb to the fate that is bearing down on you. Continue reading