Are you just going to sit there?

Throughout life there are many dim moments; moments where you just can’t understand why things are the way they are. Life becomes dark and cold and it is a struggle to keep moving forward. It would seem as if you will ultimately become like the homeless stricken with grief and left to the curbs. The darkness brings in so many demons and so many poisons that hold you down and tear at your soul. With the weight of life and all that has failed it seems pointless to try to fight any more and you feel as if it is time to succumb to the fate that is bearing down on you.

 Amidst the darkness walks those seeking of souls to save and they offer a path out of the depths of despair with the power of guidance and truth. Their purity glows around them and illuminates their surroundings. The compassion that they have can be felt transferring out and softening your deeply hardened heart. These soul seekers are messengers and they only offer direction so that you can empower yourself to get up out of the filth and choose to push back the demons. They will guide you towards the light and into grace but it is your choice and you must decide.

These seekers, these messengers of God spread kindness and compassion. They are filled with love and devotion and spare their time to find you and others who are lost within the fog of anguish and grief. They move in human form but are guided by the divine and their angelic presence shine a beam of hope that inspires faith. They are extending their hands to help you rise will you get up or are you going to just sit there?

Sit there in the cold and feel the beckoning of the depths of despair. Sit there and pray to God and ask him where it is that you should go. Sit there and think about the love that these seekers share with their messages and think about what feels right within your soul. The darkness will fall upon you, are you going to sit there or find your way home? God has sent his light to you because your soul cried out to him. He’s waiting for you to make your choice. Are you just going to sit there?