Sometimes the words are more than just from the Heart

Recently I purchased a Christmas card for a friend. Now I don’t do the whole card giving thing all because of the expectation to personally scribe some heartfelt message within the blank areas. I am one who will stand in front of all the cards and just wait for one to stand out. I read the words pre-printed within the card itself and if I don’t think if it rings a bell I move onto the next one and read that one until I find the “one” card I wanted to buy for whoever it was I was thinking about. On this Christmas card I recently bought I found the exact message I wanted to convey, which is good because I wasn’t planning on writing on it to begin with. The thing that stuck with me was how that pre-printed card already said what was in my heart.

I suppose I always felt that there have been messages been placed here and there to guide and teach us. I would commonly refer to this as my “gut feeling” and I relied strongly on my gut feelings, mainly because I have learned that not doing so rarely falls in my favor. Recently, I have been noticing more and more guidance from the powers that be. I have also seen these divine messages in so many different ways and forms from words in a song or on a bill board to having people feeling compelled to check in on me or the soft-spoken voice within my soul telling me what I should do or that it things will be alright. I have learned that these words and notions are there for not only my benefit but also to help other people. In fact, there are times when these messages are provided to you specifically to for you to give to others.

How many times have you gone and picked up a card and found one that said exactly what you were wanting is to say, or maybe you just kept looking for that very card. Where do you think all those inspiring heartwarming thoughts came from? Do you think there are all these emotionally starved people writing things down they wish people would tell them? Where do you think these writers get their ideas? I say it must be of divine inspiration, or at least most of them, even some of the funny ones. Think about this, someone knows that you will be giving someone else a card in hopes to bring up their spirits and he knows exactly what they need to hear. Why else would these cards seem to say exactly what we what to tell these people who means so much to us.

Imagine if that card you found was meant for you to give to whomever you plan on giving it to. How many times have you found a card and the message touches both the heart of the receiver and yours as well?  Imagine if God had some card writer specifically write words that were meant for you and your loved one. I think about this Christmas card I just sent out and how it seemed so much printed for my use. I wonder, how long has that card been waiting there on that shelf for me to find. Maybe I need to reconsider my boycott on greeting cards because maybe they have more of a purpose than a simple gesture of personal thought. I now ponder on how many times a card message was written with the divine influence meant to help someone and I refused to participate in the passage of this message.

Sometimes when you read something it isn’t just some romantic minded person in a cubicle cheerfully typing off sweet sayings with no particular person in mind. Sometimes these messages do have a purpose and a specific person in mind how else would you think they were the “perfect card” if it was just some random generic printed words. By now if you see the sensibility of this theory then just ponder on how many other ways this divine power is trying to get your attention. Think with all seriousness of how many times a question was in your mind and you found your answer written on the wall, or sung in a song, or maybe even just by having a person ask you how you are doing. By all means, think about this when you go by a Christmas card this season. Think about maybe not just grabbing a random card meant for someone else and take the time to see the message meant for you and those you care about.