Trail Closed! Hazards Ahead!

Can you imagine climbing up to the top of a mountain? You start at the base of the trail and find your way through the dense twisted path of soft rocky ground. You see flowers and trees you would not in the blocks of the cities. You hear creatures all around you and wonder what they are. Deeper into the woods you begin to feel the forest of this mountain close in on you and the chirps and tweets begin to sound like sniffs and growls and you just begin to wonder. An opening head allows you to look out into the world from your rise atop of it and the view shows all the peace upon this earth because all the evils seem too small to notice. Your progression towards your goal reveals that all the tall majestic trees that once closed in on you become smaller and smaller and the grass underfoot begins to all but grow. The soft damp ground becomes hard and jagged and random rocks become obstacles and hazards. The calm blueness of the sky fades as you climb brings you into the clouds and above the sight of those down far below.

The summit is within sight and the shrubs and weeds show their struggle to survive. The chirping, tweeting, sniffing, and growling have all been silenced and the flowers and trees have not visited here. Upon the final rock, you stand near the very top and you look down upon your path and your vision is limited to the clouds you passed through. From where you stand you can no longer see the world below. You can no longer see the flowers and trees or even if anyone could stand witness to your success. You whisper to see if anyone is there. You begin to holler and cry out and all you receive in response is you very own echoes. The wind begins to blow and gust. The space for which you stand is small and as you try to stand tall against the blustering of the wind you lose your footing and fall. Maybe some mountains weren’t meant to be climbed.

Can you imagine climbing to the top of a mountain just to fall over the other side. Maybe had we not attempted to take this climb we would not have to carry this failure of falling with us as we stand at the very ground at which we were inspired to ascend to begin with. Our desires to reach the summit is to feed our own needs for success, however; it is dangerous up there and you may not be able to see where it is you came from. There is not enough air on top of that mountain to sustain life; not for flowers, not for trees, not for animals, or even me.

One must ask the old question in light of this content; If a man falls from atop his mountain and no one is around does his cries create a sound?