Out of Gas

A man driving his truck down country road late in the afternoon in search for his destiny. The road is long and the skies above are cloudy with threats of rain yet the drive seems peaceful and calm. As the miles pass the truck begins to stumble and hesitate then eventually it runs poorly on vapors alone as the gas tank runs dry. Standing on this empty road in the middle of nowhere he waits patiently for someone to pass by yet no one stops to offer a helping hand. Daylight begins to fade and the dreariness of the clouds above begin to darken as the night sets in. The options are limited and show very little promise for success in regards to reaching the very destiny in time to fully take advantage of what is waiting for him. He can choose to continue to wait as the night falls and hope that a kind soul will show some compassion or he can walk away and leave his belongings where they sit. Lastly, he could push his truck down the road in hopes to find a gas filling station somewhere close down the road so he can get back on the path he was on with the same motivation he once had.

This man, as a stubborn man would, chose to push his truck down the road certain that his efforts would prove that someone somewhere down this road will have some fuel for him. At first the labor down the road seemed to be with ease and he felt stronger than he physically was because the truck was on level grown and it rolled with little resistance. As the truck rolled it required only a little guidance to keep it moving forward. Soon the man realizes that the truck becomes lighter and the movement becomes quickened as the truck starts to travel down a hill. The man runs up to the cab and jumps into the truck for his physical strength is not necessary now that the truck is moving under its own weight. As the man sits back and steers this truck down this long hill he cherishes the time is able to relax his legs, back, and arms but he misinterprets the true meaning of this period of progression without the need of his help. For the darkness has hidden the degree of this descent and the honest reality that this path is full of rolling hills and steep mountains and that with every descent comes a path back up those hills or mountains. Soon this man will realize that his effortless movement will quickly become a heavy burden on him and may just leave him in a far worst position than he started.

The truck reaches the bottom of the hill and the man sees the incline and hopes for enough motivation to reach as close to the top as possible. As the truck’s momentum pushes it up the hill the speed slows to a crawl as the weight of the truck is much too great for the demands of this path. This man jumps out of the truck and quickly gets behind it to push with all his might. As this truck becomes heavier and heavier he can hear the traffic passing by on some highway far ahead and the busy chaos of society in the distance. With this hope he pushes harder against this burden he has taken with little results as he becomes weaker. He begins to feel the truck push back against him and he searches for something to block against the wheels yet the darkness of the night makes it difficult to see anything within reach that will help him.

This man finds himself alone in the dark with his burdens pushing down on him hoping for enough strength to make it to the top of this last climb. He cannot push any harder and he is slowly being pushed down to the depths of this empty valley and soon the weight of this burden will overcome him. As he struggles to keep his footing he reflects on his choices and ponders on how he could have chosen wiser or maybe even chose not to take the journey to begin with. Certainly this trip has made this man stronger and he has learned many new things that allowed him to grow. It certainly hasn’t been all filled with darkness, in fact he as seen a new kind of light. He has met many great people and helped as many as he could. That all being said, now he is pushing a heavy weight up a hill that won’t give in and he too is now out of gas.