Little Things of Christmas

Today is the 28th of December and society is slowly recuperating from the Christmas holiday and quickly preparing for the turn of the new year. Christmas is celebrated on December 25th as we all know, but we also have learned that this holiday is not an event that limits itself to one single day. Christmas is certainly a season that may exceed even the traditional 25 days. It makes one consider what Christmas has become and more so, what will we make it mean to the little ones learning from us. Continue reading


The Chance to ask Why

As a kid, I never really had the chance to have an actual “sit down” with my dad, sure we had the “you can talk to me” moment once when I was 14 or 15, but I wasn’t ready to have any discussions and I’m certain he wasn’t ready to listen. He had returned briefly to my life after many years of being away so in some ways I was still a 7-year-old in parts of his mind, just with a body and issues of a teenager. It wasn’t entirely his fault so please don’t start passing judgement on him because life became complicated for all of us. We just couldn’t get our timing right. When I was finally courageous enough to ask the tough questions and in search for the meaning of life; he was dying. We were both adults at that time and I was man enough and he was more than willing to listen and share but the ticking of the clock was so loud that it was difficult to determine which one of the 30 years’ worth of questions was most important. We both knew our time was limited, he didn’t want me to see him wither away and I didn’t want to waste the last minutes of life with him asking questions that may have been difficult for him to answer. Continue reading

Stand by your … Who?

You can tell those who are closest to you by those who stand with you throughout the hardest of times. Surely your family and friends will support you and be concerned about your well-being during your most difficult moments because as your loved ones they genuinely care about you. It isn’t so much that they want you to be happy, it is more that they hate to see you sad. Unfortunately in part, when we have difficult times there are some of those whom you expected to stand with you that will fall back into the shadows and act as if they had no idea you needed them

Those closest to you will help you make the most difficult decisions and listen to your most terrible fears. So very often we feel as if there is no one to talk to or that no one is willing to listen. One of the parts of bringing in people close to your heart is that these are the ones whom you trust and confide in. These are the very people in this world who should be willing to listen to you and give you advice that would be in your best interest. These are the ones whom you can speak to as if you were talking to yourself and feel confident that they want and care that you make the best choice concerning your situation.  Continue reading

Despair, Hope, or Faith

The word of the day:      Despair.

Ok maybe the word of the week, month, maybe even the whole damn year. However, if you look up the meaning of the word we haven’t really achieved the true status of this word, close; at times really close but not quite yet.


  1. the complete loss or absence of hope.
  2. to lose or be without hope.

Merriam-Webster provides that it is to lose all hope or confidence.

Well, with that being defined and seeing how the feeling of despair directly relates to hope maybe we should have defined the word hope to begin with. How can we feel as if we are in a state of despair when it means to lose hope if we do not know what the true meaning of hope is or what it is to hope for?


  1. a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.
  2. to expect with confidence.

So with all that, to be in a state of despair is to “lose” the “feeling of an expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen” or to have the “complete loss” of “confidence”.  To lose all feelings, desire, confidence and expectation that a certain thing will happen is the state of despair. It certainly sounds like all is lost, all hope is lost. Maybe we are just trying to hope to much, or maybe we are hoping for things that cannot be achieved. We all can hope for world peace yet it is unlikely that such a thing would ever happen, at least not until the heavens open up. We can’t hope for something unreachable and fall into despair because in the back of our minds we knew we couldn’t actually achieve such a goal so therefore we may be disappointed but not in a state of hopeless despair. Continue reading

Praying that this Burden will Pass

Each and every one of us goes through struggles and hardships, we each carry burdens and feel that life is unfair; well it is and that is life. Sometimes I feel that my burdens are going to finish me off yet there usually a moment where those holding me down are lifted and I feel a small degree of success right before the world hits me with something else. There is a saying that “what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger” well sometimes these struggles are so painful I wish it just finish me off. The only strength I have learned from my trials is that with each that has passed and made me “stronger” it has done so because the next burden will be greater than the last.

 There is another tidbit of advice that actually makes me begin to boil and that is how “God will never give us more than we can handle” and more so that God gives us these trials and burdens to strengthen us. These aggravate me because it is as if I must suffer for a good reason and that these such trials and hardships are supposed to be difficult so that I can grow stronger. Stronger for what? These burdens we carry will make us stronger so that we can carry more burdens and push through more difficult trials. These life hating situations we must endure are to test and build up our faith because strength isn’t always how much we can push but how much can push us without causing us to lose hope. Continue reading

Hung out to Dry

It’s damp, dark, and cold and it’s been that way for a while now. I can hear the door slam against its frame as the wind gust passes it by. The silence amplifies all the sounds that were unknown to man and the solitude slowly pulls out all feelings of hope. I cry out for as long as I can but the only response is the echo from within the emptiness. My arms are fastened tight to this cord as my torso sways with the wind. My strength is slowly abandoning me as I can no longer find the strength to pray up into the heavens.

The sun rises yet sheds no enlightenment on my soul and with each day that passes more and more scavengers close in to feast on my flesh. Bound and weakened, I lost the heart to fight off these buzzards whom persist on pecking at me during my most feeble state. Soon the storm will engulf me and the rain will be filled with acidic poison that blisters with each drop. Out here on this line I am unsheltered from the hail or even brimstone that will fall yet the very one whom lifted me up here will be safe in the haven of retreat. Continue reading

Clear and Simple

Seeing that I lived near the U.S. and Canadian border I have had the opportunity to drive around Quebec. Well at least before 9/11 when it was not much different than traveling across state borders, now they ask a few more questions. For those who are not familiar with the province of Quebec it is one of the largest French-speaking provinces in Canada, in fact it sorts of frowns on using any other language even though the rest of the country speaks English. Historically, the French took a hold of the country first but handed it over to the British whom kept control of it for many years until Canada grew up and became their own entity, yet they still have Queen Elizabeth on their currency.

I remember the first time I drove into Canada, it didn’t take me long at all to get lost and more so, confused. I never studied any appropriate second language and most of the road signs in Quebec are in French. At first it was merely amusing because I felt they didn’t know how to use words, but then I needed to rely on those signs and I couldn’t figure them out. For example, don’t try to drive 100 miles an hour in Canada, it’s not allowed. They use kilometers so it is closer to 60 mph. The stop signs are shaped like ours but they say ARRET not STOP, you can tell that you are supposed to stop. But think about just finding north or south; which they use NORD and SUD. They still are fairly similar as is east which is EST but if you are going to travel west you are actually going on a OUEST. Continue reading