There’s No Safety in the Gateway to Poison

Recently, someone told me of a young woman who died in a few towns away from here. She died of an overdose in the bathroom of some fast food restaurant. This is such a sad story that so many of us hear over and over again. We as bystanders or onlookers who have no direct connection to these lost ones, we see that it is a sad thing, something that we wish someone would do something to prevent. We often ask “why would they do that to themselves” and “why won’t they ask for help” or even say “there had to have been something someone could have done to prevent this.” But realize this, that young person was a son or daughter of someone and those people are asking so many different questions. Those parents are experiencing emotions, pain, and are filled with so much sorrow and anger that no one can possibly understand. Continue reading


To Pray…Ask and you will Receive … sometimes we don’t get it

As a child, I remember being told how to pray and seeing the children on the Little House of the Prairie kneel down beside their beds and put their hands together and speak out to God. They would always be thankful for something that happened during their day and almost always add a request for someone else. Honestly, I can’t say that I pray like that, nor can I say that I pray as I was taught. In fact, I will never admit that I am good at praying or that I do it as often and as meaningful as I should. I will say that I often talk to God; we have conversations and I talk to him as if he was a man standing with me. Sometimes I may wish I could get those words back, other times I wonder if he heard me. I don’t speak in old tongue and fancy words for I am a mere simple man and I believe that God can understand my words not words I pretend to use.

Often you will see these people who seem to be closer to the heavens then I feel and they call out to God as if they were trying to summon his Spirit from with the furthest realm of eternity. They pray with such a mite the words echo within the walls of the church and their voices are so loud beyond calming to make one wonder if God has a difficult time hearing our prayers. These people put so much effort into their words and how they sound when they pray it makes me wonder both how they pray when they are alone and whether or not I would have to bellar out as they do for God to hear me. Continue reading

Have you checked in on your bicycle today?

When I have free time … when I used to have free time I had liked to drive around looking for old barns and junk shops. You know, not the “fine antique” shops that have already found the antiques and made them look prettier to fit the price tag they put on it. I like the places where the dust on the stuff tells you when the last time someone else found it. The more cobwebs and stuffiness the better, that means there is junk in there that hasn’t seen the sun in decades. This was such a great hobby to fill up what free time I had and it was a fairly cheap treasure hunt, or at least it was until they started to have guys on TV jack up all the prices of these treasures. One of the things I would see often at these places were old bicycles leaning here and hanging there, or just piled up in the back. There are a lot of people who seek out these old bikes and care for them but it the supply has out grown those willing to take them in. Continue reading

Learning to know the Difference

In a word for how last week felt – Contentment – really that is the only word that seems to come to mind. Last week just seemed to be okay; there really wasn’t anything too stressful or anything too sad, nor was there any great experiences or super happy moments. When I look back at it I just felt content and peaceful. I can say this because if I compare the last week with the weeks and even months leading up to last week I can see the difference. Those days prior to last week were filled with mix emotions. There was so much stress and even states of despair. I felt as if my world was falling down around me and all I wanted to do was give up. Those weeks and months were so hard for me that it is very easy to identify how nice and peaceful last week was. Sometimes we overlook that we had a great day or a nice experience yet the hard times and painful moments stand out prominently. Continue reading

Knowing Where the Edge of the Road is

I remember when I was in my teens during the period when I was expanding my worldly knowledge, building up my street senses, and basically getting into trouble because I felt I could take on the world. There were many hours of walking down dark streets and long stretched highways with no particular place to go. There were times at which I felt as if I was walking into the wind and others with the wind at my back pushing me along the way.  It is interesting how there are times where you can walk forward with little effort because the forces behind you are assisting you in that direction and how other times the forces in front of you push you back with every step forward you try to take. Continue reading