There’s No Safety in the Gateway to Poison

Recently, someone told me of a young woman who died in a few towns away from here. She died of an overdose in the bathroom of some fast food restaurant. This is such a sad story that so many of us hear over and over again. We as bystanders or onlookers who have no direct connection to these lost ones, we see that it is a sad thing, something that we wish someone would do something to prevent. We often ask “why would they do that to themselves” and “why won’t they ask for help” or even say “there had to have been something someone could have done to prevent this.” But realize this, that young person was a son or daughter of someone and those people are asking so many different questions. Those parents are experiencing emotions, pain, and are filled with so much sorrow and anger that no one can possibly understand.

No parent should have to suffer through the loss of a child, but it is unbearable to lose a child because you were unable to reach them, unable to understand them, or more so unable to convince them that there was a better way and that life does get better. These young people are searching for understanding of why life is the way it is. They want to know why they are the way they are, why they feel the way they do, and they are in need of someone who has the answers they want. Often, they are led to believe that no one understands because it has become them against the world so they stop asking for help with words and resort to actions in hopes that someone will finally see them. Their battles within themselves can create so much pain and confusion that they desperately seek some kind of relief.

The evils of this world offer all sorts of poison that will slowly drain the life out of these young ones and eventually infest them with such an influence they soon become something unrecognizable. These demons control their thoughts, feelings, and even their actions. We see how they have changed and blame them for wanting live their lives that way. We all have our agency or free will and we chose to go down a certain path, however; we use what information we have and the influences closest to us to help persuade us down which ever path we take. The evils of this life will slowly work their way in to each and every tear these young people shed and eventually the only voice they hear is that of the darkness. These lost souls are confused and feeling helpless, they are in a state of despair and are crying out for help. The voice of righteousness is there but is drowned out by the devil and its minions.

When some of us outside the family see these young people in trouble we often only see the trouble and overlook the young ones. Not all of us know how to handle these situations correctly and I can testify that I certainly have approached these situations with good intentions and ended with bad results several times. We must remember that even though these people have a choice but they are also blinded by a strong influence of drugs and evils. These souls become trapped inside this battered shell and can no longer reason with their own minds. They progress from using these poisons to quiet the confusion and pain in their minds to using them to make them forget what they have done and what they have become. They have been through so much they just want it to stop.

I don’t know how to help these lost souls, but I do know there is a better path. I do know that as a parent I know the feeling of watching your child fall and keep falling. These souls are looking for answers and a way out. They need a reason and they need to be helped because they are becoming more and more lost in this darkness. I also know that this is a very difficult thing to do as far as pulling them out of the darkness because the devil has a strong grip on their souls and he isn’t alone. Often you will need to slowly break through the layers of drugs, alcohol, depression, despair, and self-punishment just to begin to work with the person themselves.

We all as a society, need to learn how to battle this addiction and this path that so many of these people are turning to. We cannot just say “read this” or “do this” because that isn’t going to work. These lost souls are being dictated by the very evils that we are trying to warn them about. When you come face to face with the fury of someone tricked out on drugs you are in fact looking into the eyes of the demons that control them. Deep within that anger and hatred is a soul crying to get out. How many more years, how many more lives, how many more souls will be lost because we do not know how to prevent this, we don’t know how to stop this. How many more will die because we do not know how to help.

There must be a better way to help these young people and we all must try a little more rather than relying solely on the government. We need to act early to show these people that they have better choices. The dealers and pushers who supply them with the poisons start in when they are young and when they are vulnerable, we too must be ready for the moment when they are willing to listen, but more so when they are willing to talk. We need to find a way to empower these souls so that they can fend off these demons because when they will be attacked the most is when they are all alone.

I don’t know the answers, and this truly saddens me, but I do know that with the statistics of abuse and deaths there isn’t enough being done. I also know that the “simple” thing such as marijuana is so much more harmful than society claims that it is. This drug that they are trying to legalize across our nation is what they call a “gateway” drug. The only ones supporting this movement are those who use it or those who want to benefit from it. I have seen young people start with this safe drug and end up filling their vanes with a cocktail of poison with enough potency to kill a horse just because the high from the weed was no longer strong enough to mask the pain. I have also seen where several students from a local high school were taken to the hospital because they got their hands on some marijuana that was laced with some unknown substance and luckily for them someone found them in time.

We as a society should have learned throughout all these years that these substances have been poisoning our lives that the only reason to turn to drugs is to hide something or to mask the pain from within. These substances affect the mind directly and the longer it does the further away the soul becomes. The devil himself will lead you to believe that you need this to make the pain go away, to make yourself stronger and smarter, even prettier. These demons will mislead you into thinking that there is no other way and even make you believe that these drugs will make you strong enough to walk away from the addiction. There is a reason they call it “Hooked” because when the devil is fishing for souls once he has you hooked he will keep reeling you in with lies and deceit until he has you in his grasp.

It is so sad to hear of people falling victim to Satan’s trickery and evil plans. It is so sad to hear of people who were fooled and felt that the only way to stop the evil one’s beckoning was to end everything. The evils in this world make you feel that you need just a little more to make the tears stop falling down your cheeks when in reality you need less of that evil and a lot more love. We should learn to recognize when one is no longer strong enough to find their way out of the darkness and away from their demons. We should extend our selves so that they know someone cares and wants to help them rid themselves of this poison. We need to learn what is causing so many people to turn to these substances and away from the path that provides them true joy. When will we as a society figure this out? When will we learn what is causing them so much pain?

I do not have the answers nor can I say I know or even understand what that young girl was going through or even what her parents went through, but I know that saddens my soul to hear that someone died because they couldn’t find their way out. That someone cried out for help in the only way they felt they could and she felt that she had no one to turn to.