There are these moments when we wish to reach out to someone yet we don’t really know what to say or even how to begin. We struggle to find words but they for that moment are in our thoughts. We have been led to believe that something must be said and when we think long enough to put words to the thoughts we end up losing that motivation and commitment to reach out in the first place. In the end, no words are found and no thoughts are shared and that person whom caught our attention deep within our minds never knew we were even thinking about them.

Sometimes it isn’t really about saying anything and certainly it’s not about fabricating some meaningless conversation just to have something to say. Sure, there are times when words need to be said and those words need to be encouraging, but that is not necessary every time we communicate. If we were to give life advice in every passing the we should just start handing out fortune cookies because that endless advice will become meaningless if it is not from deep within and does not fit the situation at hand. Sometimes we as humans just need to know that others are thinking about us and they don’t need to say anything at all.

There are moments where a person will just be walking by and place their hand on your shoulder as they pass and just give you a caring smile as they walk away. Or the times when someone leaves you a little gift for no reason and said nothing about it before hand. Do you know that feeling when someone embraces you out of the blue for no apparent reason and says nothing at all then walks off? These are all events showing unexpected acts of kindness and love that just lets you know that these people are thinking about you. These random acts warms your heart and gives you a loving feeling which lets you know that at that moment someone care enough to think about you and there wasn’t any reason for doing so.

We all have life events such as birthdays, weddings, graduations, childbirth, life achievements, and even during the mourning of a loved one who has passed. During these events, as well as many others, we expect and need others to think of us and support us. At these times, we need someone to say something to make things feel better or at least be there to listen to our pain. However; these are not the only times we humans need to know that others are thinking of us and if you really think about it there are several times throughout the day when someone you know comes to your mind for no apparent reason.

It could be a word someone else said, a song on the radio, an event that occur, or even the thought of something such as wanting ice cream that stirs up the thought of someone close to you. We tend to just say “that reminds me of so and so” or maybe that “so and so used to love ice cream” and then we shake our heads maybe wipe a single tear and carry on with our demanding life. So and so never knew we took a moment to think about them because we couldn’t find the words to tell them. Maybe we are just making it too complicated. Maybe we need to just simplify it and just find a simple word to share to let them know we care.

We could call and have an actual conversation but timing this can be challenging because both of our lives are complicated and at that moment we may not have the time to commit to a phone call that could drag out longer than we expected. We could call them with the intentions of leaving a voice mail message but there will be times when they actually pick up the phone. We could write a letter or even send a little card, which is great but will take a few days for them to receive. With all the means of communicating that we have today, the best way to briefly show someone that you are thinking about them is through sending a text or message and just keeping it simple such as just saying “hello” or “how are you doing?” Or maybe just keep it random, and I mean “Random”. You don’t need to find a random word just send them a random text or message showing that you were thinking of them.

I send “Random” text from time to time because these people were on my mind at that moment and I didn’t really have anything to say but just wanted to let them know that I care. It is just a simple random text that says the word “Random” and generally the first response always ends with a few question marks but after I explain that I just wanted to send a random text because I was thinking of them a smile normally generates and often that random text becomes contagious. There have been several times when I have received a “random” text back from these people many days after my explanation and I was able to experience what they had felt once they knew what this “Random” word meant. It warmed my heart and gave me a little smile and for that brief moment the day got a little brighter.

There isn’t any expectation to respond because it is only a random text that lets you know that I am here and that I know you are there. When you receive such a text your life will be interrupted for such a brief moment, just long enough to read the single random word and a smile will generate and then you can carry on with your life. There is no question to answer or demand to meet, just a random text just to let you know someone else cares. And this is so much different than sending some emoji heart or smiley face because sending this simple word confuses the mind just enough to pause the chaos of life. The human brain must try to understand so it takes a minute to thing allowing the heart to feel the love being sent.

It really sounds simple and a bit ridiculous but to be honest, how many of you have ever just wanted to send a random message that really didn’t say anything at all but you couldn’t find the words to send? Just keep it random by sending a “Random” text and then once you explain the purpose you will know there is a smile on the other end every time someone sees the random word. There are so many times when our soul needs to know someone else out there cares about us. We have this emptiness inside and it such a simple act that can fill a little part of it. It doesn’t need to be complicated or even implying anything in fact having no expectations or strings attached keeps this simple random message harmless and allows it to remain the caring thought that it was meant to be.

If I send you a random text it just means I was thinking of you and I wanted you to know I care. It’s just a random text that doesn’t need to be answered and you don’t have to set aside a lot of time to understand. I certainly could send a message saying “hey, I was just thinking of you” but that will lead to a conversation and we may just not have the time for that at that moment. But if you receive a random text from me you will know that I was thinking of you and if you want or need to talk you can do so when you have the time because I am here. Life seems to keep become so complicated and sometimes we just need a “Random” text to show a simple act of love and compassion. Don’t allow your brain to confuse your thoughts and forcing you to feel you just don’t have anything at all to say. That only makes you not say anything at all and there are those out there who need to just know you care.

Keep it simple … Make it Random