Endless Treasures?

A recent discussion led to some thoughts about worldly treasures and what it is that we tend to want to take to the grave with us. All those generations before us whom hid their gold, silver, and precious gems deep within their tombs have proven that only the spirit transcends to heaven while all the riches of this earth are left behind to become plundered by those filled with greed. Why is there such a need to labor tirelessly for such earthly gold when it is the treasures or heaven we should be working towards. This treasure isn’t a gold or silver coin with the face of man embossed onto it for such is made of man and gives birth to greed and will become an anchor for the soul to the fate of this earth.

If we honestly think about what it is we spend this gold on here on earth we may just begin to understand what the true treasures are. We will spend our hard-earned money on all sorts of things that we feel brings us joy, happiness, and peace. We have been trading our most valued worldly gifts for these things from the earliest days of our labors. As diligently as we work to gain as much gold and wealth as we can, we work just as hard if not harder to seek out even the smallest amount of peace, glimpse of happiness, or ounce of joy. Don’t be fooled that an ounce of gold will always equal to a once of joy because joy will most certainly be in the eye of the beholder much like the beauty of this world.

If a rich man saves all his life and in his final thoughts he thinks of all his riches and wonders how he can take them with him he certainly will die with a sorrowful mind. However; if the last thoughts he has reflected all the moments of joy and happiness he will see his life pass before him and die in peace. The true treasures waiting for us in heaven will not be rewards of coin and paper currency or even credit or status. The endless treasures in heaven will be never-ending peace, eternal happiness, and fulfilling joy. If you truly wish to take all the riches from this world with you to the next then don’t fill your pockets with gold; this gold you may seek here on earth will not be worth its weight in joy pass the gates of heaven.  When your life passes before you fill your memories with smiles and love; this is what we all truly seek in life and that is what awaits us in the endless treasures of Heaven.


Happy Home … Happy Life

Recently I returned home to pack up some of my belongings. I have been spending the last two years a thousand miles from home trying to get things set up so my family can have a new start and hopefully a better chance at life itself. The plan was that I was to move down and start a business and my wife would stay behind and try to sell the house. The living conditions down here are not ideal and certainly are something I would want my wife to have to live through. The plan had some gaps and holes here and there but it was all we had and we definitely didn’t expect it to take as long as it has for either the house to sell or the business to start turning a profit. Clearly, we were in over our heads and now found ourselves at the point where there is no turning back. Continue reading