Pitiful Benevolence

I like to think there is a desire within each of us to be charitable. I feel we all want to help others even a little; some want to help everyone while others are very selective. I wonder is it sympathy or empathy that makes us want to help others. Maybe it is both or maybe some of us are prompted by empathy while others are prompted by sympathy. I must also point out that some only give if they feel they should receive something from the act of giving whether it be something tangible or be it mere praise and boasting rights. Some only give to show that they can. In addition, some are charitable merely to show that they want to be charitable not that they intend to give what the actually offered to provide.  Continue reading


Its been a Year

A few days ago, I received a notification from WordPress, the site that host my thoughts saying:

Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!
You registered on WordPress.com one year ago.
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

Its seems hard to believe it’s been more than a year since I started using this forum to clear my head. I know that sometimes they are just words, but many times those word connect to feelings. A year ago, when it was suggested that I share my thoughts I figured why not see what happens. I felt that if I could get the thoughts out of my mind it might help me think about where I am headed rather than what’s holding me back. Plus, maybe by sharing my thoughts it will somehow help or at least relate to someone else.  Continue reading

The Bus Stop

There is a funny thing about buses … bear with me now, let me finish. We all have those moments in life where we are standing in a stop waiting for some bus to take us to our next destination whether that maybe school, church, or work. For moments of our lives we pause and just wait for this to finally arrive. Those moments before stepping on the bus seem as if time moves slower and our patience grows thin. We are often led to believe that if we look more often at the time it will have no choice but to move a little faster.  Our experience has taught us that we have little control on when that bus arrives so we basically left to wait as patiently as possible because we are led to believe for that moment at least that it is this bus we are waiting for that will take us to where we need to be. Continue reading