Are you really lost? Do you really not know where you are going? If so stop wandering in the direction that you are heading in. What’s the point of feeling lost or without direction and continuing down that same path. If you cannot see what is ahead of you and feel too ashamed to look behind you then maybe you need to think about a different road. Just maybe if you are not able to see where you are it is because you are being blinded by that which imprisons you there. Sometimes when you feel as if you are walking in circles you just need to try harder to walk straight when the forces around you are trying to make you turn in the same direction as before. You need to break out of that circle and break away from the delusion that fills you with deception and gives birth to this feeling of being lost and without direction. Continue reading

’til we meet again

We all have friends, or at least a friend. Maybe we have more friends than we know. Some of those friends are just friends at school, or maybe just friends from work. Some are friends from church or those from the neighborhood. Some of them will be there whenever you need them and others seem to need you more than you need them. There are those friends that leave never to return and those who leave and always come back acting as if they never left. We have friends that will be there only for a minute and friends that will stand with us for a lifetime, we even have friends that will be there beyond that. Continue reading

Gasping for Air

Not long ago while on a bike ride through Virginia a large predator bird like a hawk or falcon was seen flying off with a rodent. This rodent was flailing and fighting for its life as the bird flew higher and higher. Apart of me would like to see that little rodent fight its way out and escape the grasps of this powerful bird.  Although, if that would to happen what are the chances that this rodent would survive? The talons on this bird most likely cause some serious wounds and internal damage, especially while the rodent was flailing, twisting, and turning trying to escape. Furthermore, if the little rodent did escape the grasp of these talons where would it run off to? This bird is flying upward near thirty or forty feet in the air if the rodent managed to wiggle its way out surely he would just plummet to its death below.  It’s fair to say that the time for this rodent is very near and regardless of how much he fights he will not become victorious. Certainly, I am not saying that this rodent should stop fighting for its life, but maybe it was the wrong time to fight.  Continue reading

The Whispering Chastiser

There is a word that has been stuck in my mind for about a week now. It is one of those things where it is as someone was whispering the word over your shoulder. It becomes so real that it often could make you turn to see if a person was actually standing there, but you don’t because you know this voice; you are quite familiar with this voice because you have heard it many times before. This week it repeats the word “chastise” and several months ago it was “sins of the father” and some time before that it murmured that “you weren’t worthy”. Who knows what this voice of negativity will bring next or what this bully will say in attempts to slow my pace. I will admit it does do that; slow my pace. In fact, it can often stop me in my tracks and pull me into a darkness that lingers for days. Continue reading