Are you really lost? Do you really not know where you are going? If so stop wandering in the direction that you are heading in. What’s the point of feeling lost or without direction and continuing down that same path. If you cannot see what is ahead of you and feel too ashamed to look behind you then maybe you need to think about a different road. Just maybe if you are not able to see where you are it is because you are being blinded by that which imprisons you there. Sometimes when you feel as if you are walking in circles you just need to try harder to walk straight when the forces around you are trying to make you turn in the same direction as before. You need to break out of that circle and break away from the delusion that fills you with deception and gives birth to this feeling of being lost and without direction.

Parents teach you how to stand when you cannot. They teach you how to walk when you are stumbling and barely hanging on. They teach you the words to say to communicate. They teach you the differences between right and wrong. How effectively these Parents teach you these things is certainly depends on them and they will certainly carry with them if they find they were not effective enough. However, as you reach your age of reasoning, your age of independence, your age of seeking out your purpose in life and you do not walk as you were taught, do not stand strong as you were taught, do not communicate as you were taught, or know the difference from right or wrong as you were taught then that certainly is a matter of what some call free will, or agency, or your right to choose.

You cannot live free and run from the consequences thinking that society is trying to hold you down. Free will only provides that you have the right to make choices and with those choices you are accepting the consequences of those actions. Your parents will blame themselves for your choices because they love you and feel your pain. You cannot blame your parents for your actions because now you feel that you are not where you want to be. You were taught how to find peace in this life you know what you must do to stand strong and walk away from the evils of this world. If you are lost it is because you have taken the wrong directions. If you cannot see where you are going it is because you have been blinded by the poisons of this darkness.

There are so many people reaching out to help pull you out of the shadows yet you refuse to grasp their hands and instead you push them away because you have been led to believe that those are they who want to hold you down. You have been deceived and the deceiver himself is who is holding you down not those who are trying to hold you up. This thinking will lead you further into the abyss and by choosing to numb your pain only prolongs your imprisonment. Why choose to become wasted to the point that every exit becomes blurry and you start seeing double when you look for the road out of this terror? Do not medicate yourself with even the bottle of liquid courage because it isn’t courage that bottle must offer it is poison that will cause you to go blind.

I promise you that if you turn away from all the temptations that can be found in that darkness you will see the way out of that place where you feel lost in. You will be able to see the direction you need to be going. We all take wrong turns, we all fall down and have trouble standing on our own. We all feel lost and alone at times and feel that we do not know where we are headed. We all must come to that point where we must allow those willing to help pull us out of that feeling; out of that darkness and guide us back on the path. The fact that you feel lost is the indication that you are not where you need to be and that feeling is your soul telling you to turn around and reach out to those who want to help. Do not ignore the promptings from your soul. Do not become prideful or full of shame and guilt that you become too stubborn to extend your arms.

There is a warmth found here that is familiar to you. It is a warmness that you have been seeking out. It is a warmness that requires no chemicals or additives unlike that which was created in the darkness down below. That warmness is not the same loving feeling you seek out, that is the fire that has been scorching and blistering your soul. That is the fire that requires all the harmful sedatives being fed to you just to dull the pain. That fire is trying to consume you while the love of your family and true friends are trying to help you heal and feel that warmth of love again.

Are you lost? Do you not know what direction your life is going in? Just maybe it is because you cannot see where it is you are being led to. Maybe it is because you cannot hear the cries of those who care about you pleading for you to turn around. Maybe those leading you into the darkness do not want you to know where they are taking you for if you did surely you would not want to be there.

Stand strong as you once were taught and turn from the temptations of the darkness and walk towards those who want to lift you up. You do not have to stay lost. You do not need to me misdirected any further. Just reach out to those who love you and they will help wipe the filth from your eyes so you can see where it is you want to be. Feeling lost is not a punishment meant to hold you down, feeling lost is a sign that you need to get out of where you are. You must choose to make the choice to change your direction. You must make the choice to fight off the poisons and the temptations of the evils found in the shadows. You feel lost; that means you want to get out. We are here wanting to help you but you must reach out and know that you cannot keep even one foot in that door or the evil will pull you back into the abyss. 

Are you lost? Do you feel as if you do not know what direction you are going? Do you feel all alone? I have been there too. You must do what I had to do; turn around. Turn around and you will be able to see the way out and all of those waiting to help you find your way. It must be your choice. You must be the one to turn around and reach for help. Do you feel lost? You don’t have to choose the stay that way because I love you more than you will ever know. Please turn around. Please choose to walk away. Please, please do not stay lost.



One thought on “Lost?

  1. More than a like, I was deep into every word as I virtually said the same thing to myself last night. I am lost, need focus, goals, I have to turn around. Thanx so much for posting,


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